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Playlist | Theme - Cover Songs
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CD | Theme - Cover Songs
CD | Theme - Cover Songs

The Ladies Sing The Beatles - Vol. 19

Artist Song Buy
Maggie Macneal  Blackbird   buy on itunes
Eartha Kitt  Day Tripper  buy on itunes
Odette Telleria  A Day In The Life  buy on itunes
Bianca Jhordao (Leela)  Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite  buy on itunes
Katie Noonan  The Fool On The Hill  buy on itunes
Celine Rudolph  Here Comes The Sun*1  buy on itunes
Johanna Grussner  Help!  buy on itunes
Sarah Jane Morris  She's Leaving Home  buy on itunes
Chie Ayado  With A Little Help From My Friends  buy on itunes
Jessi Colter  Octopus's Garden*2  buy on itunes
Bonnie Tyler  In My Life  buy on itunes
Naomi Yang (& Damon)  While My Guitar Gently Weeps*1  buy on itunes
Wanda Jackson  Honey Don't *3  buy on itunes
Sexto Sentido  Come Together  buy on itunes
Dee Dee Sharp  Twist And Shout*4  buy on itunes
Ann Margret  Kansas City*5  buy on itunes
Kay Lira  Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds  buy on itunes
Lizzy Parks  A Taste Of Honey*6  buy on itunes
Ornela Vanoni  Yesterday  buy on itunes
Lani Misalucha  Here, There and Everywhere  buy on itunes


All songs by John Lennon & Paul McCartney except:
*1 - George Harrison; *2 - Richard Starkley; *3 - Carl Perkins; *4 - Medley/Russell; *5 - Leiber/Stoller; *6 - Scott/Marlow.
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