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Bleed Out Onto the Highways: A Modest Mouse Retrospective

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Modest Mouse  The World at Large   buy on itunes
  Think Long   buy on itunes
  Polar Opposites  buy on itunes
  Never Ending Math Equation  buy on itunes
  Dirty Fingernails  buy on itunes
  Dark Center of the Universe  buy on itunes
  Night on the Sun  buy on itunes
  Blue Cadet-3, Do You Connect?  buy on itunes
  Workin' on Leavin' the Livin'  buy on itunes
  Wild Packs of Family Dogs  buy on itunes
  Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset  buy on itunes
  Dashboard  buy on itunes
  Bukowski  buy on itunes
  Custom Concern (Instrumental - Live)  buy on itunes
  Parting of the Sensory  buy on itunes
  The Stars Are Projectors  buy on itunes
  Here It Comes  buy on itunes
  Birds vs. Worms  buy on itunes
  Satin in a Coffin  buy on itunes
  Might  buy on itunes
  Path of Least Resistance  buy on itunes
Side B
Modest Mouse  Satellite Skin  buy on itunes
  The View  buy on itunes
  Custom Concern  buy on itunes
  Tiny Cities Made of Ashes  buy on itunes
  So Much Beauty in Dirt  buy on itunes
  Heart Cooks Brain  buy on itunes
  Broke (Live)  buy on itunes
  Dukes Up  buy on itunes
  Florida  buy on itunes
  I Came As a Rat  buy on itunes
  Dramamine  buy on itunes
  Ocean Breathes Salty  buy on itunes
  Australopithecus  buy on itunes
  We've Got Everything  buy on itunes
  Convenient Parking  buy on itunes
  Interstate 8 (Live)  buy on itunes
  Paper Thin Walls  buy on itunes
  Edit the Sad Parts  buy on itunes
  History Sticks to Your Feet  buy on itunes
  Classy Plastic Lumber  buy on itunes
  Styrofoam Boots/It's All Nice On Ice, Alright  buy on itunes


With most bands that I listen to with any regularity, I go through listening phases. I will listen to them obsessively for a period of time, but then shelve their records in favor of new/other music and generally not listen to them again for months before becoming obsessed with them again. I realized recently, however, that in the 5+ years I've been listening to Modest Mouse, I've never really shelved them. I go through obsessive periods with them once or twice a year, but between those obsessive periods, I still listen to them frequently. There are a few other bands I listen to that the same is true for, but none have lasted as long as Modest Mouse, nor have any of the other bands put out as much brilliant material as they have; they've yet to put out even a mediocre album.

Because of the aforementioned realization, I decided to make a mix of my favorite Modest Mouse songs, both for myself and to give to some of my friends I think should listen to more Modest Mouse. I chose songs off each of their full lengths, EPs, and compilation albums, and I think this mix gives a good overview of the various facets of the band.

Click "The World at Large" to download the first disc and "Think Long" to download the second (all tracks in V0 quality MP3s - if you don't know what that means, don't worry about it). Because I tried to sequence the tape in a way that made sense, I think the first disc leans a bit more to the band's experimental side while the second is more on the catchy/poppy side. Mix title taken from Convenient Parking.


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