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White Kids Love Hip-Hop: Volume 2.5

Artist Song Buy
Lil Wayne  3 Peat   buy on itunes
cLOUDDEAD  Apt. A (Side A)  buy on itunes
Haiku d'Etat  Non Compos Mentis  buy on itunes
Everlast  Ends  buy on itunes
MC Chris  Hijack  buy on itunes
Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five  The Message  buy on itunes
Weerd Science  Fuck You and Your Filthy AR Dept.  buy on itunes
Common  Chi City  buy on itunes
Tom Green  Write Rhymes and Act Like an Asshole  buy on itunes
Jurassic 5  Break  buy on itunes
Busdriver  Imaginary Places  buy on itunes
Brother Ali  Freedom Ain't Free  buy on itunes
Michael Franti & Spearhead  Red Beans & Rice  buy on itunes
Nightmares On Wax  70s 80s  buy on itunes
Public Enemy  Bring the Noise  buy on itunes
Saul Williams  NiggyTardust  buy on itunes
Atmosphere  The Rooster  buy on itunes
P.O.S.  Purexed  buy on itunes
Sage Francis  Keep Moving  buy on itunes
Buddy Wakefield  Convenience Stores  buy on itunes


I got into a debate about the merits of hip-hop music on a forum I frequent. In order to try and prove my case that there is a ton of good hip-hop music, I decided to combine the best tracks off the two volumes of my White Kids Love Hip-Hop mix on one disc along with some new tracks. Click the first song to download the entire mix.


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