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Artist Song Buy
soophie nun squad  blackout  buy on itunes
bikini kill  rebel girl  buy on itunes
huggy bear  herjazz  buy on itunes
team dresch  seven  buy on itunes
x-ray spex  oh bondage!  buy on itunes
heavens to betsy  terrorist  buy on itunes
delta 5  anticipation  buy on itunes
bratmobile  in love with all my lovers  buy on itunes
liliput  nice  buy on itunes
emily's sassy lime  mr. moneybag$  buy on itunes
the slits  shoplifting  buy on itunes
sleater-kinney  words and guitar  buy on itunes
tracy + the plastics  henrietta  buy on itunes
the need  circuit side  buy on itunes
free kitten  erected girl  buy on itunes
julie ruin  stay monkey  buy on itunes
cub  surfer girl  buy on itunes
go sailor  a fine day for sailing  buy on itunes


sorry about the uninspired cover art. i just wasn't feeling it for some reason. oh well.

it all started with bikini kill when i was 15. i would listen to this punk show that came on every wednesday night on local volunteer radio station KABF 88.3 in Little Rock. usually i taped the shows and one night the host played a bikini kill song: tony randall. i played it over and over and over again. i loved that song. every once in a while KABF would do pledge drives like NPR does so I called in during the punk show and said I would donate 10 dollars. i guess the guy thought it was pretty funny that some 15 year old kid was donating probably all the money she had because she was so into his punk rock show. so he said he'd give me a prize for my donation. he gave me a bikini kill record (reject all american) and a sleater-kinney cd (the hot rock). oh, and some local band's record. and that was that. rebel girl officially became my anthem.
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Date: 1/21/2010
Great debut! Lovin' the Slits, Huggy Bear, Go Sailor, X-Ray Spex and Cub, just to name a few. In the indecipherable words of Liliput: Nice! Cool low budget "uninspired" cover art too :)
jacob v
Date: 1/22/2010
rad story, rad mix. also the artwork is pretty sweet. simple and cool.

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