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Assorted Awsome tunes "97"#1

Side A
Artist Song Buy
B.B King  Go On  buy on itunes
Cypress Hill  Insane in the brain  buy on itunes
Aha  The Living Daylights  buy on itunes
The Band  In a Station  buy on itunes
Travares  Shes gone  buy on itunes
Ghost train  Counting crows  buy on itunes
James Brown  talking out lous and saying nothing  buy on itunes
Parliament  Flashlight  buy on itunes
David Boniot  Wailea  buy on itunes
Bill Miller  River Of time  buy on itunes
Dave baby Cortez  Happy Organ  buy on itunes
Side B
Kool and The Gang  Funky Stuff  buy on itunes
Sheryl Chow  We do what we can  buy on itunes
Michael Petrucciani  Manhatten  buy on itunes
Bobby Darin  Lazy River  buy on itunes
The Dave Mathews Band  Rhym and reason  buy on itunes
B.B King  Drowning in the sea of love  buy on itunes
Dee Cartensen  Time  buy on itunes
Bohannon  Lets Start the Dance  buy on itunes
Parliament  Tear the roof off the sucker(Give up the Funk)  buy on itunes


One of mix tapes I pulled from my closet last night.This one is vintage 1997 and I have no idea what I who inspired such a mix.
image for mix


Trish Mullins
Date: 2/15/2010
I meant to say I dont know who or what Inspired this mix but Im sure The Bay Head Reading Center (Pictured) was a source of inspiration
Date: 2/16/2010
lots of diff stuff, but i like it!

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