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Cassette | Theme
Cassette | Theme
MP3 Playlist | Theme - Sleep

Sleep + Walk

Artist Song Buy
Sebastien Tellier  Fantino  buy on itunes
Fennesz  A Year in a Minute  buy on itunes
Tortoise  Along The Banks Of Rivers  buy on itunes
36  Beacon  buy on itunes
Labradford  Listening in Depth  buy on itunes
Neu!  Gedenkminute (Fnr A+K)  buy on itunes
Aphex Twin  White Blur 2  buy on itunes
Mogwai  Radar Maker  buy on itunes
rachel's  His Eyes  buy on itunes
Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek  Planes  buy on itunes
rachel's  seratonin  buy on itunes
A Silver Mt. Zion  Broken Chords Can Sing A Little  buy on itunes
Godspeed You! Black Emperor  The Dead Flag Blues  buy on itunes
Fennesz  Got to Move On  buy on itunes
Kevin Shields  Goodbye  buy on itunes


First time I've visited in a year. Good to be back.

For when I'm tired and need a long-ass mix to keep myself from sleeping.


Tracks 1 through 7 are largely electronic, and as you go through the tracks they become more and more ambient. When White Blur 2 finishes up, Mogwai's Radar Maker passe by and the largely contemporary/classical tracks begin to flow in. Fennesz appears again, then Kevin Shields' Goodbye from the Lost in Translation OST finishes the mix.
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