494 qualifying novels.

Artist Song Buy
tim weisberg  canterbury tales  buy on itunes
rainhard fendrich  othello  buy on itunes
james horner  the merchant of venice  buy on itunes
the legend of zelda: the wind waker  the fairy queen  buy on itunes
just jack  paradise (lost & found)  buy on itunes
mice parade  gulliver's travels  buy on itunes
bon iver  for emma  buy on itunes
antony and the johnsons  frankenstein  buy on itunes
therapy?  jude the obscene  buy on itunes
patrick wolf  to the lighthouse  buy on itunes
simon bookish  portrait of the artist as a fountain  buy on itunes
landed  walden  buy on itunes
toulouse engelhardt  young goodman brown joined the confederacy today  buy on itunes
deftones  birthmark  buy on itunes
mofungo  frederick douglass  buy on itunes
belle & sebastian  piazza, new york catcher  buy on itunes
slaid cleaves  call it sleep  buy on itunes
deadman  absalom! absalom!  buy on itunes
elvis costello  the invisible man  buy on itunes


60 minutes; for the students who were in my english 494 class. instead of taking the gre literature exam to be admitted to graduate school, students at my university who are english majors have to take english 494. the purpose of the class is to read a giant list of novels and poetry (british and american) and selected readings based on each person's "track": creative writing, literature, or rhetoric and criticism. sometime during our first year, we schedule a one-hour oral examination and are assigned two professors in the department at random with whom we have a test under the guise of an "intellectual conversation" about the reading list. for fun, i decided to compile songs that correspond to the novels or short stories we have to read and this was the result. next up on my list might be one of author's names, or perhaps references to the poetry we were assigned, although those mixes will be - admittedly - much harder to put together.


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