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Tales Told in Song

Artist Song Buy
Suzanne Vega  Queen and the Soldier  buy on itunes
Joe Jackson  The Man Who Wrote Danny Boy  buy on itunes
Billy Joel  The Legend of Billy the Kid  buy on itunes
Charlie Daniels Band  The Devil Went Down to Georgia  buy on itunes
Meatloaf  Paradise By the Dashboard Light  buy on itunes
Harry Chapin  Taxi  buy on itunes
Harry Chapin  Sequel  buy on itunes
Harry Chapin  30,000 Pounds of Bananas  buy on itunes
Dixie Chicks  Goodbye Earl  buy on itunes
Skee-Lo  Mister Morton  buy on itunes
Queen  '39  buy on itunes
Christine Lavin  Doris and Edwin, The Movie  buy on itunes
David Bowie  A Space Oddity  buy on itunes


Story songs - Insane royalty murders her military, a songwriter narrowly escapes the devil, a gunslinger cuts a swath across the west, the devil's back again to lose to a young fiddler, a couple makes out in the back of a car, two old lovers meet accidentally, the same lovers meet again with the circumstances reversed, a truck driver crashes into Scranton, some friends gather to make an ex-husband, a nervous man gets proposed to, a spaceship crew discovers the grandfather paradox, an office crush ends in a crushed workers, and a spaceman makes it home from a malfunctioning spaceship.


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