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Freak Show Sonnet

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Freak Show Sonnet by Randy Schaub

Saliva pools, evoked by corndog stink.
But how can one find appetite when faced
with Alligator-man, his skin striped pink
with pitted scars? Or armless Belle, her lace
skirts rising when her foot lifts cigarette
to aging lips. We see the lot of them--
obese, hirsute,tattooed, and jaundiced--yet
we need not weep for these, whose flesh condemns
them more than stares and screams. Without the low
and outcast underneath our feet, we all
would stand on lower ground. Besides, we know
they can't, beyond their glass and canvas walls,
perceive the murmurs of disgust, and thus
bear no ill will to normal folks like us.

-Note from Bingsy: This is for Randy13's birthday. I started it wanting it to be a theme. Randy always struggled to find a place to belong. The picture - which I shall post as soon as I can access a scanner - that I affixed to the liner notes, is Randy at age 3 wearing a scary mask. He always loved monsters and things most children fear. He sympathized with them. The thing is that once I started compiling, it became difficult to shut out the songs of love and loss and hope. I still included the handful of original songs that inspired the title (taken from a poem read at Randy's service, written by him), but the mix became its own thing. I felt, as I gave it out, that I needed to almost apologize for the maudlin tone at times, but it is what it is.


Kemala Sweartay
Date: 11/13/2010
Great selections, and a happy birthday to Randy.
Date: 11/14/2010
Thank you Kemala.

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