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Memories of KSPB Vol. 1

Artist Song Buy
Build You a House  The Dancing Hoods  buy on itunes
She's a Runaway  The Bodeans  buy on itunes
Burning Flame  Vitamin Z  buy on itunes
Wild Child  The Untouchables  buy on itunes
Kiss Me Deadly  Generation X  buy on itunes
Just Friends  Beat Rodeo  buy on itunes
Letters From America  The Proclaimers  buy on itunes
Some People  Belouis Some  buy on itunes
Wild Blue Yonder  Screaming Blue Messiahs  buy on itunes
Waiting For the Great Leap Forward  Billy Bragg  buy on itunes
Things You Left Behind  The Nails  buy on itunes
Whap A Dang  The Raunch Hands  buy on itunes
Nemesis  Shriekback  buy on itunes
Free Yourself  The Untouchables  buy on itunes
The Bridge  Cactus World News  buy on itunes
Baby Ran  54-40  buy on itunes
Castles in Spain  Armoury Show  buy on itunes
Mr. Freako  Swamp Zombies  buy on itunes
Room With a View  Let's Active  buy on itunes


When I was a kid and my sister was in high school the local private school had a radio station. Most of the DJ spent their summers vacationing in Europe or NYC and brought back music that would never be played on the Top 40. I made this for my sister who made sure while my friends swooned over their favorite New Kid I would have better taste than that.
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