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Side A
Artist Song Buy
Striborg  Interval III   buy on itunes
Bone Awl  Show Me   buy on itunes
Ash Pool  Penetrated Slave  buy on itunes
hymn  (Canterbury Cathedral, UK)   buy on itunes
Law of the Rope  Death Ballad  buy on itunes
prayer  (Zadar, Croatia)   buy on itunes
Pukers  Don't Look @ Me  buy on itunes
Darksmith  Shared Empty Space  buy on itunes
Aaron Dilloway  Door 1  buy on itunes
  wobble choir 2   buy on itunes
  wobble choir 1   buy on itunes
Failing Lights  Moon On The First Hunt  buy on itunes
Modv÷t  Yatr Mazagvatre Erbbedrez   buy on itunes
Side B
The Kronos Quartet  Doom. A Sigh (Istvan Marta, comp.)   buy on itunes
Schimpfluch-Gruppe  Aktion 961123 (Paris)   buy on itunes
Prurient  Lord  buy on itunes
Richard Band & Shirley Walker  Ghoulies (main theme)   buy on itunes
Tonetta  Drugs Drugs Drugs   buy on itunes
Pyha  Hyungga is a Tangled Story, pt. 3   buy on itunes
How To Dress Well  Escape Before The Rain   buy on itunes


an acquaintance requested a mixtape. i have no idea what he actually listen to. this will either be the greatest tape he ever owns, or the worst 90-minutes of his life.
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Bytor Peltor
Date: 2/9/2011
Definitely a listening adventure!
Date: 2/17/2011
this looks like it could be the best 90 minutes of my hour.

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