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Playlist | Theme - Sleep
Playlist | Theme - Sleep
Playlist | Theme - Sleep

Annoy the neighbors Pt.2

Artist Song Buy
GWAR  School's Out  buy on itunes
Michael Kamen conducting The National Philharmonic Orchestra of London  Brazil (Feat. Geoff Muldaur)  buy on itunes
Michael Boddicker  End Credits (Short Version)  buy on itunes
NiN  big man with a gun  buy on itunes
Megadeth  Washington is Next!  buy on itunes
Masaru Sato  Warring Clans  buy on itunes
The Mamas & The Papas  Twist And Shout  buy on itunes
Madonna  Justify My Love (XXX Fuck Me Mix) (RARE)  buy on itunes
Lydia Lunch  Carnival Fat Man  buy on itunes
Leonard Emmanuel  Hoot Owl Fight/Mocking A Fox/A Cornered 'Coon  buy on itunes
Lordi  Hard Rock Hallelujah  buy on itunes
Liquid Sky  Afternoon  buy on itunes
Ladytron  Oops Oh My  buy on itunes
Neil Young  Sedan Delivery  buy on itunes
Lady Sovereign  Love Me or Hate Me remix (ft. Missy Elliot)  buy on itunes
Kurt Vonnegut, Ambrosia  Nice, Nice, Very Nice (Ambrosia)  buy on itunes
Fant(mas  04/13/05 Wednesday  buy on itunes
Kurt Vonnegut and a thousand times no  On the Creation of Bokononism (v1)  buy on itunes
King Of Pants  Alala Falala Hasselhoff  buy on itunes
Lords Of Acid  The Most Wonderful Girl  buy on itunes
Judas Priest  Johnny B. Goode [Chuck Berry]  buy on itunes
Margot Kidder  Flying / Can You Read my Mind?  buy on itunes
John FortT  Running Up that Hill (Kate Bush)  buy on itunes
John Carpenter  Arrival at the Library  buy on itunes
Gy÷rgy Ligeti (Dominic Harlan, piano)  Musica Ricercata, II (Mesto, Rigido E Ceremoniale)  buy on itunes
The Jesus & Mary Chain  Penetration  buy on itunes
Johnny Cash  Nasty Dan  buy on itunes
Jefferson Airplane  Lather  buy on itunes
Jay Reatard  Always Wanting More  buy on itunes
J. Spaceman  Stooges Harmonica  buy on itunes


(Pt. 2 - Tracks 30-60) My upstairs neighbors had, for the last six weeks, regularly blasted their dumb electronica through my ceiling after 11:30pm for hours on weeknights, in spite of pleas and ceiling thumping and other unholy appeals. So I built this mix, with which to respond and through which I think I can sleep, or at least smile. Results from trial #1 - within the first 6 minutes of track #1 (in pt 1), they turned it down significantly - so I shut it off as a fair warning. But the unforeseen side-effect of putting this together is that I cannot wait until they push my buttons again...
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