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CD | Theme - Depression
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CD | Theme - Depression

In The Hidden Places

Artist Song Buy
Broken Bells  The High Road   buy on itunes
Passion Pit  Moth's Wings   buy on itunes
Ott  Gamma Goblins ('It's Turtles All The Way Down' Mix)  buy on itunes
Tom Waits  Rain Dogs   buy on itunes
Hank Williams  I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry   buy on itunes
Eels  Railroad Man   buy on itunes
Nick Drake  River Man   buy on itunes
The Mountain Goats  In The Hidden Places   buy on itunes
Wilco  Handshake Drugs   buy on itunes
Pink Floyd  Wish You Were Here   buy on itunes
Bohren & Der Club of Gore  Maximum Black   buy on itunes
Coil  All The Pretty Little Horses  buy on itunes
Akira Yamaoka  Please Love Me Once More  buy on itunes
Boards of Canada  1969   buy on itunes
Pogo  Lost  buy on itunes
Karen O and the Kids  Sailing Home   buy on itunes


For a Dogtown advenchar!
September 2011

"I turned my face away and I shut my eyes tight, and dreamed about the flowers that hide from the light on dark hillsides in the hidden places.."
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