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Orchid Dreaming

Artist Song Buy
ThouShaltNot  Without Faith   buy on itunes
The Crnxshadows  Ariadne (Legendary Mix)  buy on itunes
Audra  What Your Eyes Had Seen   buy on itunes
Kidney Thieves  Molten  buy on itunes
Carfax Abbey  The Healing  buy on itunes
The Last Dance  Flesh(Flesh for Life Mix)  buy on itunes
Enigma  Knocking on Forbidden Doors   buy on itunes
Switchblade Symphony  Dirty Dog   buy on itunes
The Last Dance  Dead Mans Party  buy on itunes
Audra  Cabaret Fortune Teller   buy on itunes
Android Lust  Stained (Video Edit)  buy on itunes
Big Electric Cat  Orchid Dreaming   buy on itunes
The Crnxshadows  Immortal   buy on itunes


Made this for a friend of mine :) It tells a story of sorts, but I just wanted it to flow well. I feel it did. I used several duplicate artists but I feel that each song was different in sound. He liked it so that's all that matters ^^


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