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Starting Anew by Going Backwards

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Cursive  Cat and Mouse   buy on itunes
The Shins  Simple Song   buy on itunes
The Brian Jonestown Massacre  Straight Up and Down   buy on itunes
Fugazi  Bad Mouth   buy on itunes
Avail  West Wye   buy on itunes
Real Estate  It's Real   buy on itunes
Purity Ring  Lofticries  buy on itunes
Nanuchka  Captain Sensible Calling  buy on itunes


Here's to the spring semester, hoping it's better than the last and that I make it through alive again, but just barely, because that makes for better stories. I stayed up until 1am with my four roommates (yes, I share a room with four other people) drinking wine and smoking ganja and eating raspberries and cheese. We had in depth discussions about politics and human nature and family. This is good. It may not last, but while it does, it is good. This pack of cigarettes I have is all stale and only halfway gone. The taste is all off. I'm miffed, and maybe it's a sign, or like, a bad omen. But holy hell I hope not. Since when can I not post youtube links? Only mp3 links now? Bullshit. Oh well. Soz.
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