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Now, Let Us All Praise God Together: Congregational Gospel and Sermons 1927-1954

Artist Song Buy
Elder Otis Jones  Holy Mountain  buy on itunes
Elder Curry & Congregation  Memphis Flu  buy on itunes
Rev. D.C. Rice And Sanctified Congregation  We Got the Same Kinda Power Over Here  buy on itunes
Elder Richard Bryant's Sanctified Singers  Come Over Here  buy on itunes
Rev. Isaiah Shelton  The Liar  buy on itunes
Deacon A. Wilson  You Need Jesus On Your Side  buy on itunes
Professor Hull'S Anthems Of Joy  Everybody Talkin' 'Bout Heaven Ain't Goin' There  buy on itunes
Memphis Sanctified Singers  He Got Better Things For You  buy on itunes
Bessie Johnson's Sanctified Singers  The Whole World In His Hand  buy on itunes
Rev. E.S. 'Shy' Moore  Christ, The Teacher  buy on itunes
Rev. A. W. Nix  Black Diamond Express To Hell Pt. I  buy on itunes
Rev. A. W. Nix  Black Diamond Express To Hell Pt. II  buy on itunes
Rev. Sister Mary Nelson  Judgment  buy on itunes
Elder J. E. Burch  Wash You, Make You Clean (Take 2)  buy on itunes
Elder J. E. Burch  Baptism By Water, And Baptism By The Holy Ghost  buy on itunes
Hallelujah Joe  The Prodigal's Return (The Things I Usta Do I Don't Do No More)  buy on itunes
Elders McIntorsh & Edwards  Since I Laid My Burden Down  buy on itunes
McIntorsh and Edwards  Take a Stand  buy on itunes
Elder Effie Hall And Congregation  Precious Lord, Hold My Hand  buy on itunes
The Jubilee Gospel Team  Oh Lord, Remember Me  buy on itunes
Elder J.E. Burch  My Heart Keeps Singing  buy on itunes
Mrs. L. Reed And Mrs. T.A. Duncans  Light In The Valley  buy on itunes
Rev. F. W. McGee  Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room  buy on itunes
Holy Ghost Sanctified Singers  Thou Carest Lord, For Me  buy on itunes
Elder Otis Jones  O Lord I'm Your Child  buy on itunes


CD collection of group gospel singing and sermons mostly from the black Pentecostal tradition. All but one from commercial recordings issued in the 20s and 30s


Date: 8/3/2012
Impressive collection.

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