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Varieties of Yearning Experience (A Study in Human Nature)

Artist Song Buy
Joni Mitchell  All I Want   buy on itunes
Bob Dylan  I Want You   buy on itunes
Elton John  I want Love   buy on itunes
Belle & Sebastian  I Want The World To Stop  buy on itunes
Sufjan Stevens  I Want To Be Well   buy on itunes
The Beach Boys  All I Wanna Do   buy on itunes
The Beatles  I Want To Hold Your Hand   buy on itunes
Sly & the Family Stone  I Want To Take You Higher   buy on itunes
Lou Reed  I Want To Boogie With You   buy on itunes
Go Gos  I Want Candy  buy on itunes
The Sonics  Money (That's What I Want)  buy on itunes
Ramones  I Just Want To Have Something To Do   buy on itunes
The Rolling Stones  I just want to make love to you   buy on itunes
Chromatics  I Want Your Love   buy on itunes
Marvin Gaye  I Want You   buy on itunes
The White Stripes  I Want To Be The Boy   buy on itunes
Elvis Costello  I Want You  buy on itunes
Randy Newman  I want you to hurt like I do   buy on itunes
LCD Soundsystem  All I Want   buy on itunes
The Jackson 5  I Want You Back  buy on itunes
The Smiths  Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want   buy on itunes
The Rolling Stones  You Can't Always Get What You Want   buy on itunes
Rufus Wainwright  Want  buy on itunes


The byproduct of another mix, this one started when I looked for Marvin Gaye's "I Want You", typed in the title in itunes and received 141 results. Taking away "I" and "you" got me to a total of 282. I tried to break it down from there.
So, while it works rather smoothly on the surface-level of the titles, stylistically it's more of a roller-coaster-ride which, in a way, reflects certain aspects of wanting one thing or another.


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