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Cassette | Theme - Narrative
Cassette | Theme - Narrative


Side A
Artist Song Buy
John Ottman  Halloween H20 Theme (1998)  buy on itunes
Metallica  Enter Sandman (1991)  buy on itunes
Harry Manfredini  Friday the 13th Main Theme (1980)  buy on itunes
The Damned  Grimly Fiendish (1985)  buy on itunes
Alice Cooper  Keepin' Halloween Alive (2009)  buy on itunes
Charles Bernstein  A Nightmare On Elm Street Main Title (1984)  buy on itunes
Blue +yster Cult  7 Screaming Diz-Busters (1973)  buy on itunes
Goldentusk  Halloween Theme Song (2008)  buy on itunes
Aim  Demonique (1999)  buy on itunes
White Zombie  I'm Your Boogieman (1997)  buy on itunes
Misfits  Horror Business (1979)  buy on itunes
Monster Zero  The Ballad of Dr. Loomis (2009)  buy on itunes
Stevie Wonder  Superstition (1972)  buy on itunes
Wednesday 13  Haddonfield (2006)  buy on itunes
John Carpenter and Alan Howarth  Laurie's Theme (1981)  buy on itunes
Side B
John Carpenter and Alan Howarth  Halloween II Theme (1981)  buy on itunes
Ozzy Osbourne  Bloodbath in Paradise (1988)  buy on itunes
Bernard Herrmann  Psycho: The Murder (1960)   buy on itunes
Tim Curry  Sweet Transvestite (1975)  buy on itunes
Bernard Herrmann  Psycho: The Water (1960)  buy on itunes
Judas Priest  Living After Midnight (1980)  buy on itunes
Alice Cooper  Dangerous Tonight (short edit) (1991)  buy on itunes
Tribunal  The Ballad of Dr. Loomis (2012)  buy on itunes
White Zombie  More Human than Human (1995)  buy on itunes
Misfits  Dust to Dust (1999)  buy on itunes
Davie Allan & The Phantom Surfers  Extrasensory Deception (1998)  buy on itunes
Gerard McMann  Cry Little Sister (1987)  buy on itunes
The Meteors  Michael Myers (Still in Shape) (1984)  buy on itunes
Harold Budd and Robin Guthrie  Halloween (2004)  buy on itunes
The Chordettes  Mr. Sandman (1954)  buy on itunes
Various Artists  Halloween H20 Techno Remix (1998)  buy on itunes


The tradition since 2006 continues.

110 minutes long. 31 deadly tracks. My seventh Halloween album in the Definitive line. One final album to come in 2013.

If ever there was a mix I made to represent my inner feelings of the time, this is it. This last year has really sucked for me and I'll just leave it at that. I really truly don't understand women or I guess, anything.

This album is my mix dedicated to the Halloween film series itself. Halloween (1978), Halloween II (1981) and Halloween H20 (1998). Saw John Carpenter at the Toronto FanExpo this year, had him sign my Halloween (1978) cd released by Varese Sarabande in 1985. That cd and this album both use the same B&W pic of Laurie kissing Michael.

Side 1 is 78-81. First is the main theme. I used an H20 fan made one that actually uses the voice of Donald Pleasence. Donald died in 1995 and for the film the stupid studio just used a guy doing an impression of Donald over the main credits. Super lame. Next we have Enter Sandman (Mr. Sandman is played in Halloween II and H20). I wove in some classic horror themes in the form of Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. (A kid in H20, one Joseph Gordon-Levitt dons a Jason mask). Grimly Fiendish talks about a bad child. Great song fitting for Myers and I used an excellent vinyl rip of it complete with hiss and pops. 7 Screaming Diz-Busters by BOC is the seventh song in Side 1 on this seventh album. Fitting I thought. Halloween Theme Song - Demonique - I'm Your Boogieman all talk about Myers as the Boogieman. Demonique uses samples from Halloween and HII and is off of Aim's 1999 Cold Water music album (more H20). Misftis Horror Business has a line "Psycho 78", fitting for one Michael Myers (also goes on about driving around which Myers does). The ballad of Dr. Loomis uses a sample at the front from the Godzilla film MonsterZero. That worked well as old sci-fi/horror movies are shown in both H and HII (Forbidden Plant, Thing from Another World and Night of the Living Dead). Superstition is song 13 (fitting) and Jamie Lee Curtis says it in Halloween: "Well, kiddo, I thought you outgrew superstition". Side 1 closes with Haddonfield (where Myers is from) and the spooky Laurie's theme from HII.

Side 2 is basically about Myers in H20 (1998) but I added some flourishes because that is what definitive is all about. Laurie is in California in H20 so what better intro (after HII Main Theme) than Ozzy's Bloodbath in Paradise about Charles Manson. Jamie Lee Curtis' real life mother, one Janet Leigh, is in H20. Leigh also played the famous role of Marion Crane in Psycho (1960). In that she is stabbed to death in the shower (killed in water, Halloween H20, H20 is the chemical symbol for water, creepy fun connections). So after Bloodbath I use 2 songs from Psycho. Psycho: The Water is the 20th track on this album (H20). Sandwiched between both Psycho tracks is RHPS Sweet Transvestite. That works for Norman bates kinda and also RHPS is a tradition on the Definitive Albums. Living After Midnight is track 21 (reverse is 12). The Ballad of Dr. Loomis by Tribunal uses lots of Halloween samples, mainly Donald Pleasence again. In it Loomis pleads with Myers to fight his rage. More Human than Human is a great song for Myers (Loomis famously screams in HII: "He's not human!") Cry Little Sister from the Lost Boys works well I think to describe the messed up relationship between Michael and Laurie. The Meteors song about Michael Myers (Still in Shape) is really catchy and it is the 13th song on side 2. Following that song is the very melancholy Halloween from the 2004 film Mysterious Skin (Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in that one too). Closing the album is a techno remix of the theme and Mr. Sandman which like I said before is used in HII and H20.

Hope you enjoy it.
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Darth Pazuzu
Date: 10/19/2012
I like this concept a lot, and I like any sort of mix with a Halloween theme! (I made a couple myself in 2007 which had a very, VERY loose holiday motif to them.) I must say my favorite track here is the one from Blue Oyster Cult. They're one of my all-time favorites. I also love your picks from Metallica, Judas Priest and White Zombie. And it's nice how you worked in the "Psycho" murder theme! :D

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