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Playlist | Alternative - College Rock
Playlist | Alternative - College Rock
Playlist | Alternative - College Rock

You Just Can't Tell Who's In The Circus And Who Isn't Nowadays: Songs of 2014

Artist Song Buy
Tegan and Sara  Closer   buy on itunes
Gaptooth  Ladykillers   buy on itunes
Jack White  Sixteen Saltines   buy on itunes
Johnny Foreigner  (small fraud)  buy on itunes
Holy Esque  Rose  buy on itunes
Regina Spektor  All The Rowboats   buy on itunes
Benjamin Gibbard  Teardrop Windows   buy on itunes
The Shins  Simple Song   buy on itunes
Laura Imbruglia  Why'd You Have To Kiss Me So Hard?   buy on itunes
Slowdim  Money  buy on itunes
Stealing Sheep  Genevieve   buy on itunes
Alabama Shakes  Hang Loose   buy on itunes
Morgan Page  Body Work   buy on itunes
First Aid Kit  King of the World   buy on itunes


There was a fiercely contended battle for the title of the mix this year as I managed to keep a record of potential titles from January; this was great as it meant that I remembered and shared a lot of brilliant/funny things, but also a bit rubbish as many potential winners have...well, lost. Sad times.

2012's been a bit disappointing in that I haven't discovered lots of new music, and have relied on quite a lot of familiar things; nonetheless, the mix has managed to be fairly represented of the good stuff I've met with - three of which are courtesy of the ever-ace Captain Polaroid.

This is the first year that I haven't used an Exploding Dog picture, which is also slightly distressing; instead, I've gone for something that was in the shortlist for the title, thus killing two metaphorical birds with two (yes!) metaphorical stones (I'd never kill any real birds with any real stones).
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