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Artist Song Buy
Cher  Favorite Scars   buy on itunes
Simple Minds  Underneath The Ice   buy on itunes
Michael Jackson  A Place With No Name   buy on itunes
Broken Bells  Vaporize   buy on itunes
Neil Diamond  Hell Yeah   buy on itunes
Jonny Lang  Red Light   buy on itunes
Trisha Yearwood  Wrong Side Of Memphis   buy on itunes
David Wilcox  Johnny's Camaro   buy on itunes
Johnny Cash  I'm Free From The Chain Gang Now   buy on itunes
The National  Slow Show   buy on itunes
Sammy Davis Jr  Yes I Can  buy on itunes
Otis Rush  Don't Burn Down The Bridge  buy on itunes
Simon & Garfunkel  Bridge Over Troubled Waters  buy on itunes
October Project  Paths Of Desire   buy on itunes
Eagles  Seven Bridges Road   buy on itunes
Failed Union  Lake Erie  buy on itunes
Jackson Browne  Some Bridges   buy on itunes
Little Bear  Bridges  buy on itunes


Avocado Rabbit & I collaborated to make this mix with the theme of bridges. A time in your life where you stood at the cross roads and "crossed the bridge" to a different life; a revelation; or just tunes with "bridges" in the title. Big fun!
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