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Cassette | Experimental
Cassette | Experimental
Cassette | Alternative - College Rock
Cassette | Alternative - College Rock
Cassette | Alternative - College Rock

Prime Audio Catastrophe

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Meat Beat Manifesto  Everything's Under Control   buy on itunes
Meat Beat Manifesto  Prime Audio Soup   buy on itunes
Walk The Apocalypse   Alec Empire  buy on itunes
Iron Wire  Orton Socket   buy on itunes
Carouse   Day Behavior  buy on itunes
Failure  Alfie  buy on itunes
Little Kids   Ladytron  buy on itunes
Rama Hamma  Earthmonkey  buy on itunes
Side B
Ray Of The Sun / To The Shrinebuilder  OM  buy on itunes
Inerrant Infallible (Black Ships At Nineveh Or Edom)  Current 93  buy on itunes
Esqueleto De Chapulin  Soriah  buy on itunes
Mary Jane  Aranos & Nurse With Wound  buy on itunes
Titan Arch   Coil  buy on itunes
Chaostrophy  Coil  buy on itunes
While I'm Still Here   Genesis P-Orridge Mix  buy on itunes
Um√•telige Ekvinoktiale Krav  Maniac - Liles - Czral ?  buy on itunes


August 13, 2015 - LastFM: Franknabe


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