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The Thinking of a Bad Friend Mix

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Sarah Harmer  Coffee Stain   buy on itunes
R.E.M.  Nightswimming   buy on itunes
Wilco  True Love Will Find You in the End  buy on itunes
Beth Orton  Ooh Child   buy on itunes
James Taylor  You Can Close Your Eyes   buy on itunes
The Samples  Indiana   buy on itunes
Trashcan Sinatras  Earlies   buy on itunes
A.A. Bondy  There's a Reason   buy on itunes
Waylon Jennings  Old Friend   buy on itunes
Erik Satie  Gymnopedie No.1   buy on itunes


Stumbling blocks:

1. Are you still playing two women? I don't have any patience left for deception or puzzles.
2. All you care about is yourself and when you're going to get someone into bed.
3. I feel like you're threatening/pressuring me, and anyone who would even joke about hurting someone else is being a jerk and a bully. Wow – how loving!

You used to see me as a whole person. You cared if I was cold or sick or hurting. Having a good day or a bad one. Not because of what you would get in return, but out of genuine concern. That was more like love to me than any song or flimsy promise. We understood each other, made each other laugh, and liked the same things. It made me happy to talk to you and be around you. The few times you held me, you were gentle. You cared about drum fills and flip sides and our hero and older people's stories and hated socks at night. You were yourself, and you cared about things other than yourself. I miss that.

I don't know what you're doing now, other than being the opposite of all that I liked about you. You're hurting/treating women like toys, making your own messes and then blaming others, eroding trust, and destroying your own chance at happiness. When's the last time you thought about mending my heart or doing something sweet out of friendship and love instead of selfishness? Yeah. I don't know either.

You want to be free so you can scratch your itch? Go for it. I'm not holding you back. Maybe some day you'll think about all the agony you put me through and all the special days you ruined, but I doubt it.
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