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June Mini

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Suzanne Vega  Tom's Diner   buy on itunes
Close Lobsters  The Prophecy  buy on itunes
Galaxie 500  Instrumental   buy on itunes


I'm distant? Well.

Every time I fall, every time I hope, and every time I open my heart, I find out there's someone else, you miss what you had, you want to use me, or you want to hurt me. So why set myself up for more emotional abuse, tears, and heartbreak? Stupidly, I've been loyal, certainly without any loyalty in return. But it's clear, as usual, you're just going to do whatever you want your way and you're only after one thing right now. The state of my heart is not something that crosses your mind. For the record, I liked you a thousand times more when you weren't constantly playing people or trying to get something out of them.


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