#360 - Not Gonna Save You, Perform Euthanasia

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Scott Walker  The Time Is Out Of Joint!  buy on itunes
David Bowie  A Small Plot Of Land   buy on itunes
Prince  All The Critics Love U In New York   buy on itunes
Fear  New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones   buy on itunes
Neil Young  Hippie Dream   buy on itunes
Yes  In A World Of Our Own   buy on itunes
Buck Dharma  Wind, Weather And Storm   buy on itunes
Faith No More  Jim  buy on itunes
Mick Jagger  Let's Work   buy on itunes
Andrew Stockdale  Keep Moving   buy on itunes
Bryan Ferry  The Price Of Love   buy on itunes
U2  Every Breaking Wave   buy on itunes
Tom Keifer  Mood Elevator  buy on itunes
Rush  By-Tor And The Snow Dog: At The Tobes Of Hades/Across The Styx/Of The Battle/Epilogue  buy on itunes
Shriekback  Coelocanth   buy on itunes
Iron Maiden  The Red And The Black   buy on itunes
Emperor  Opus A Satana   buy on itunes
Side B
Soundgarden  Twin Tower   buy on itunes
David Bowie  A Small Plot Of Land (Basquiat)   buy on itunes
Scott Walker  The Cockfighter   buy on itunes
John Phillips  Space Capsule   buy on itunes
Iggy Pop  Vulture   buy on itunes
Stalk-Forrest Group  Gil Blanco County [Original Version]  buy on itunes
Black Star Riders  Hey Judas   buy on itunes
Smashing Pumpkins  Glissandra   buy on itunes
Suede  Sometimes I Feel I'll Float Away  buy on itunes
Alice In Chains  Hung On A Hook   buy on itunes
W.A.S.P.  Trail Of Tears   buy on itunes
Accept  Trail Of Tears   buy on itunes
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  4 + 20   buy on itunes
Manic Street Preachers  Misguided Missile   buy on itunes
Roxy Music  A Song For Europe   buy on itunes
Judas Priest  Calm Before The Storm   buy on itunes
Judas Priest  Nostradamus   buy on itunes
Emperor  Inno A Satana   buy on itunes
Public Image Ltd.  Radio 4   buy on itunes


A bit of a conceptual thing going on with this one! Read on if you want my long-winded explanation...

The pair of tracks each from Scott Walker and David Bowie in particular are sort of tethered together in my mind's ear. (Purely an instinctual thing, no genuine rationale as to WHY...)

1. Scott Walker: "The Time Is Out Of Joint!" / "The Cockfighter" - The first track is basically a piece from a soundtrack that Scott Walker made for a 1999 French film called "Pola X" (based on a novel by none other than Herman Melville). It plays during the opening credits, and - after a bit of opening narration in French - it contains an excerpt from the second track, which was from Walker's earlier 1995 release "Tilt." I decided to use the first track as a "teaser" or preview to kick off DISC 1, and then use "The Cockfighter" itself in DISC 2...

2. David Bowie: "A Small Plot Of Land" / "(Basquiat)" - The first track is a strange, jazzy piece from Bowie's 1995 "Outside" disc, and the second is a more ambient-sounding remix of the same number, featured in the soundtrack to the 1996 film "Basquiat," in which Bowie himself plays Andy Warhol. I thought that the short Walker soundtrack bit would lead very well into the first Bowie track at the beginning of DISC 1. And I thought that the "Basquiat" remix would lead into Walker's "The Cockfighter" on DISC 2!

3. Emperor: "Opus A Satana" / "Inno A Satana" - From legendary Norwegian black metal gods Emperor. The "Opus" track (which I use as the closer for DISC 1) is actually an instrumental version of the second, orchestrated for keyboard. Then I used the tempestuous, all-out metallic whirlwind assault of the original to bring the whole shebang to a proper climax (following the Judas Priest "Nostradamus" sequence)! After which we go into...

3. Public Image Ltd.: "Radio 4" - The synth instrumental which closes out this mix is also the closer from PiL's "Metal Box". Think of it as a kind of vaguely filmic "exit music" (in keeping with the Walker/Bowie soundtrack connections). I thought it would make for a nice little atmospheric "wind-down" after the all-out blitz attack of Judas Priest and Emperor. Plus, it sort of "mirrors" the use of Emperor's keyboard instrumental "Opus A Satana" as the closer for DISC 1...

4. Prince: "All The Critics Love U In New York" / Fear: "New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones" - Mind you, I had a THEORY that this sequence would work effectively, if "amusingly". But it ended up working better than I thought!


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