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CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock
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Mix CD for a new friend

Artist Song Buy
Howard Jones  Like to get to know you well   buy on itunes
Gild The Mourn  The hanging tree (The Hunger Games cover)  buy on itunes
The Rain Within  Murder  buy on itunes
Scandroid  Neo Tokyo   buy on itunes
Deleium  Chrysalis Heart  buy on itunes
Switchblade Symphony  Drool (live)  buy on itunes
The Cure  Charlotte Sometimes   buy on itunes
The Church  Under The Milky Way   buy on itunes
Echo & The Bunnymen  Killing Moon   buy on itunes
Depeche Mode  Where's The Revolution   buy on itunes
The Sweetest Condition  Control  buy on itunes
The Birthday Massacre  Counterpane   buy on itunes
The Cruxshadows  Helios  buy on itunes
Ayria  Blue Alice   buy on itunes
Tears For Fears  Mad World  buy on itunes
Sisters of Mercy  This Corrosion *radio edit*  buy on itunes
Queensryche  Condition Human  buy on itunes


Made for my new friend Jen. Many of my mix cd's lately have been following a certain formula. This one breaks the mold a bit as I added some new tracks as I just got a new Delerium cd & Gild The Mourn covered The Hanging Tree plus new releases. I really like the end result.


Date: 8/12/2017
Well done.

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