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Side A
Artist Song
rapoon  alchiva 
vitriol  IV 
goem  VP-RO1 
transmo  inhale 
antenne  memo 
concentrick  shiningg 
lowfish  glued smile 
the mercury project  secrets to quiet 
KK null  #423 
Side B
rapoon  ochre 
transmo  pong 
hive *  vaya con dios 
downpour  go back to sleep 
foil  1982 
yellow + 6  tomorrow 
lowfish  fatblex 
concentrick  tested 
add n to x *  anna's eveready equestrian 


Wireless music-: The concept:: I attended a Trade Show @ the Jacob Javitts center earlier this year and was set up, along with my associates, on a Wireless LAN mini-network. Getting there early and staying late (mostly to beat the NYC traffic) I had the idea, during some "down-time" to down-load a few tunes. The IEEE protocol standard was 802.11 (provides a 1-2 Mbps transmission rate in the 2.4GHz band-direct sequence spread spectrum-[DSSS] ). Anyhoo, got enough material (almost a Gig) to support a new series of which this is the first offering. Follows an Experimental / Harsh-Ambient path and really blows me away. @ 1st, I simply streamed these several mp3's @ my workstation-but the infectious little riffs captivated me; and with some tweaking, grew into a mix series. (* denotes a CD trak / the rest are mp3's). The picture is an early RAM engine courtesy of tech-encyclopedia... ~ :- p
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Date: 7/1/2001
One of the most original mixes that I've seen on this site yet. Definitely will go in my favorites.
Date: 7/2/2001
I have no idea what any of this stuff is but I bet it's cool.
Date: 7/2/2001
Date: 7/2/2001
at a time when it seems increasingly difficult to even tell the difference between most mixes on this site, yours are always truly unique.a real stamp of individuality guaranteed whenever I see your name.that, I think, needs to be applauded.I salute you.mix on.