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Jolly Rancher Eyes

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Billy Bragg & Wilco  All You Fascists  buy on itunes
Jurassic Five  Contribution  buy on itunes
Tricky  Makes Me Wanna Die  buy on itunes
Mazzy Star  Disappear  buy on itunes
Shawn Colvin  Private Universe  buy on itunes
David Garza  Your New Man  buy on itunes
Battlefield Band  Bad Moon Rising  buy on itunes
Dan Bern  Jerusalem  buy on itunes
Modest Mouse  Summer  buy on itunes
Eels  My Beloved Monster  buy on itunes
Poi Dog Pondering  Complicated  buy on itunes
They Might Be Giants  Shoehorn With Teeth  buy on itunes
Paul Simon  Kodachrome  buy on itunes
Nick Drake  From The Morning  buy on itunes
DJ Shadow  Untitled  buy on itunes
Peggy Lee & Sonny Burke  Lady And The Tramp's Finale (Peace On Earth)  buy on itunes
Side B
Weezer  The World Has Turned & Left Me Here  buy on itunes
Al Green  Let's Stay Together  buy on itunes
Ewan McGregor  Your Song  buy on itunes
Ben Lee  Love Song  buy on itunes
Aquabats  Chemical Bomb  buy on itunes
Shonen Knife  Top Of The World  buy on itunes
Soul Coughing  So Far I Have Not Found The Science  buy on itunes
Bran Van 3000  Exactly Like Me  buy on itunes
Leonard Cohen  Take This Waltz  buy on itunes
Tom Waits  San Diego Serenade  buy on itunes
Stranglers  Golden Brown  buy on itunes
IIHEMC  Thy Body (remix)  buy on itunes
Bob Schneider & Mitch Watkins  Spacesuit  buy on itunes
David Bowie  Nature Boy  buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
    buy on itunes


The B.B. and Wilco song is a Woody Guthrie cover. The Battlefield Band is a fabulous Creedence Clearwater Revival cover. The Ewan McGregor is an Elton John cover from Moulin Rouge. The Shonen Knife is a Carpenter's cover. "IIHEMC" is my boyfriend -- I always try to include an unknown friend or local act...

This mix is for a friend from work. I don't know him all that well, but we are in a mutual admiration society right now and decided to trade tapes. It's decorated with Bettie Page, dictionary definitions, and weird japanese comic cutouts. Yay.


Date: 7/1/2001
The first five tracks on the first side are perfect, but kudos all around. The title is one that I almost used from Untitled by DJ Shadow song and now you've stolen it you crook.
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 7/1/2001
Nice Mix! Is Bowie's 'Nature Boy' the recent live version? Are you going to post the j-card art??
Date: 7/2/2001
Beautiful.....absolutely beautiful
Date: 7/6/2001
Nice...I'd like to see this tape!
Date: 9/3/2002
The Batties covering CCR? How very exciting! This looks like a fantastic mix - a great selection of lovely music.

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