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802.11 -structure

Side A
Artist Song
z'ev  ghost stories 
zoviet france  14 
matthias ziegler  ballade 
laminar  sector 5 
aBa structure  euphorie 
Side B
windy & carl  balance 
tone language  field piano forms 
vitriol  VI 
OST  cuivre 
air  planet vega 
zerO One  mind over mind 


A stark, hushed & c-r-a-w-l-i-n-g ambient mix specifically engineered for headphone listening (it'll play well in a car provided you don't have much road noise along for the ride). An introspective and varied garden of low volume vibrations and static-y, ghosted noise (sounds a bit like interrupted alien SOS signals from a distant galaxy). One of my absolute best [and favorite] mixes to date; perfect for my Sunday afternoon naps (ahh...the method reveals itself). All tune-age via wireless LAN. Part 3 of 3.
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Date: 7/16/2001
Cool tape (and pic) and I envy you your naps!! If this is anything like the other tape you made us, Silence, then I'd like a copy please. Maybe bring it up in August-please-trade you a lobster dinner!! I noticed that the artist, Z'ev appears on both of the play-lists. Long songs too. Some songs are just getting into their groove when they end, these look about 7-8 minutes each! George & Cat say `hi.' love, x-o Maggie : )