it sure is convenient that you are flexible

Side A
Artist Song Buy
sleater-kinney  how to play dead  buy on itunes
imani coppola  karma & the blizzard  buy on itunes
tuscadero  freak magnet  buy on itunes
kinks  such a shame  buy on itunes
madonna  human nature  buy on itunes
splashdown  ironspy  buy on itunes
velvet underground  femme fatale (live 1969 version)  buy on itunes
prissteens  beat you up  buy on itunes
slumber party  i don't mind  buy on itunes
sleeper  dress like your mother  buy on itunes
nancy sinatra  last of the secret agents?  buy on itunes
screamfeeder  dart  buy on itunes
magnetic fields  underwear  buy on itunes
lulu  the man who sold the world  buy on itunes
angelo badalamenti  laura palmer's theme (from twin peaks)  buy on itunes
Side B
romeo void  never say never  buy on itunes
jerome dillon & zoe poledouris  chow (from cecil b. demented)  buy on itunes
martha & the vandellas  nowhere to run  buy on itunes
geri halliwell  look at me  buy on itunes
weaklazyliar  bright yellow bucket  buy on itunes
go-go's  tonite  buy on itunes
blondie  the disco song  buy on itunes
imperial teen  blaming the baby  buy on itunes
mockingbirds  elvis (hey deana)  buy on itunes
zombies  she's not there  buy on itunes
hefner  a hymn for the cigarettes  buy on itunes
brassy  no competition  buy on itunes
lou reed  vicious  buy on itunes
L7  off the wagon  buy on itunes
angelo badalamenti  the pink room (from twin peaks: fire walk with me)  buy on itunes


I never quite know what to say about mixes. made for a friend of mine, no particular theme. all i really knew about her musical tastes were that i met her at a sleater-kinney show, i went to ani difranco with her, she's obsessed with tori amos, and she's heard a couple of suzanne vega songs and likes them...and i came out with this tape. i just quite like it, and when i finished i was surprised to find that it was mostly indie or punk sounding stuff, even most of the songs that aren't really indie or punk. except, y'know, like madonna and geri halliwell, but those are kickin' songs anyway. but yeah, i'm proud of this one. oh, and the title comes from the "album art" i put on it, which is a picture from, which everyone should go to.


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