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small fry + senior alike: late summer 2001

Side A
Artist Song Buy
love as laughter  coast to coast  buy on itunes
radiohead  cuttooth  buy on itunes
the kingsbury manx  courtyard waltz  buy on itunes
the byrds  have you seen her face?  buy on itunes
pj harvey  66 promises  buy on itunes
the photon band  would you believe?  buy on itunes
the psychedelic furs  it goes on  buy on itunes
wilco  heavy metal drummer  buy on itunes
firewater  get out of my head  buy on itunes
zan lyons  desolate  buy on itunes
johnny cash  i was there when it happened  buy on itunes
the murder city devils  midnight services at the mutter museum  buy on itunes
Side B
bongwater  nick cave dolls  buy on itunes
the beta band  quiet  buy on itunes
aminiature  no bonds  buy on itunes
the rock*a*teens  ma, look what the city's done to me  buy on itunes
peggy lee  alright, okay you win  buy on itunes
lambchop  the man who loved beer  buy on itunes
super furry animals  sidewalk serfer girl  buy on itunes
life without buildings  young offenders  buy on itunes
swervedriver  for seeking heat  buy on itunes
beatnik filmstars  slag dogs / disco dogs  buy on itunes
imperial teen  birthday girl  buy on itunes
jawbox  static (peel session)  buy on itunes


more songs about beer and drummers, september 2001. play loud, best served chilled with a twist of mint and a smoke.
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Date: 9/11/2001
very very nice.
Rob Conroy
Date: 9/11/2001
I second Sue's comments, Dave. Sweet.
Date: 9/13/2001
Hmmm. me likes. A song about the Mutter Museum. I have yet to hear that. That place is here in Philly, It is a place filled with bizarre medical oddities. One of my fave "hidden" nuggets here in the City of Brotherly Shove.

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