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-radioactivedub one-

Side A
Artist Song Buy
eno/wobble  where we lived  buy on itunes
o.rang  jalap  buy on itunes
alien soap opera  artificial  buy on itunes
radioaxiom_*  virus B  buy on itunes
mickey hart/ritchie hawtin  umayeyo (extended tribal dub)  buy on itunes
the album leaf  the MP  buy on itunes
radioaxiom  subcode  buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
Side B
dubadxx  up against the aggressor  buy on itunes
radioaxiom  orion  buy on itunes
jon hassell  solaire  buy on itunes
warmdesk  encaustic  buy on itunes
radioaxiom  alam dub  buy on itunes
brian eno  ali click (studio ver.)  buy on itunes
radioaxiom  6th chamber  buy on itunes
brian eno & david byrne  mea culpa  buy on itunes


Geiger counter says..."WARNING:: readings off the scale !!". "radioaxiom_*" is the latest project from Bill Laswell & Jah Wobble. Deep bass tones, sequenced trumpet and some aboriginal noize make for some of the best irradiated space music this side of Afghanistan! My online search for digital bits offered up some COOL completionary tracks; dreamy & static with a World beat undertone. Part 1 of 3. Bass, the final frontier. ~:-p
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Junior D1
Date: 11/2/2001
This mix is really nice. what is up with that mikey hart/richie hawtin? is that for real?!?! too crazy! do you ever get into any Wordsound releases (Dubadelic!!!)? How about Dub Tractor? checkem.
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 11/2/2001
the hart/hawtin collaboration appears (as a bonus disc) on "Planet Drum II, Superlingua". There are 4 re-mixed tracks on the bonus disk. I'll check the others you mention.
Junior D1
Date: 11/2/2001
Thanks. God, collaborations like that just make me so happy about life. I mean, what an unlikely pairing, yet one which really embodies two types of music which I love. Great, thanks for the info.
Date: 11/2/2001
trade. now. yes.
Date: 11/3/2001
Ouuu @ Hawtin. Yummy
Date: 6/28/2003

I thought that Wobble would be an improvement over Laswell's somewhat familiar basslines. Wobble's dub collaboration CD with a Laotian Lam group is pretty wild--I'd recommend that one, if you don't mind dub with a bit of an Asian ethnological flavor.


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