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the belated 'aaron carter ate my baby' mix.

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depeche mode  useless  buy on itunes
lords of acid  let me see your pussy  buy on itunes
pixies  evil hearted you  buy on itunes
electric hellfire club  mr. 44  buy on itunes
modest mouse  it always rains on a picnic  buy on itunes
the vapors  turning japanese  buy on itunes
love and rockets  party's not over  buy on itunes
kid 606  staying home from school  buy on itunes
my life with the thrill kill kult  blondes with lobotomy eyes  buy on itunes
air   you make it easy  buy on itunes
pitchshifter  lunatic calm  buy on itunes
crazytown  butterfly (hardcore remix)  buy on itunes
human league  don't you want me  buy on itunes
fun boy three  our lips are sealed  buy on itunes
my life with the thrill kill kult  waiting for mommie  buy on itunes
new order  bizarre love triangle (remix)  buy on itunes
plexi  dayglo  buy on itunes
apoptygma berserk  burning heretics (gothic version)  buy on itunes
missy elliot  get your freak on  buy on itunes


well he did.


Sam O'Daniel
Date: 11/18/2001
I am a huge Cure fan (and as such can say "don't buy the new Greatest Hits only for the acoustic versions, you'll be disappointed"), but you seem to make mixes with some of my favorite songs by some of my favorite bands. On this one, New Order, Missy Elliot, the depeche mode track, pixies...Great stuff! And, as a Vapors fan, I would hope that you are familiar with the whole album that Turning Japanese came from, as it's stellar. I now regard "TJ" as only one of the 6 or so great songs on that record. Nice titles, too!!

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