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Snowfall Soon

Artist Song Buy
Piano Magic  I Am The Sub-Librarian  buy on itunes
Animals That Swim  Faded Glamour  buy on itunes
Cane 141  Summerlong  buy on itunes
Holm  Here Comes The Sun  buy on itunes
The General Store   Stay  buy on itunes
Ben & Jason  Thank You For Laughing  buy on itunes
Whispering Bob  Joy Is A High Window  buy on itunes
The Ladybug Transistor  Rushes Of Pure Spring  buy on itunes
The Field Mice  Emma's House  buy on itunes
Heist  Defectors (Reprise)  buy on itunes
Lesser Birds of Paradise  Godforsaken Polaroids  buy on itunes
The Divine Comedy  The Birds Of Paradise Farm  buy on itunes
Tuesday Weld  Battery Powered Flowered Love  buy on itunes
Her Space Holiday  The Ringing In My Ears  buy on itunes
arco  20,000 Feet  buy on itunes
Aluminium Group  Chocolates  buy on itunes
Farina  Twilight of the Empire  buy on itunes
Belle & Sebastian   (My Girl's Got) Miraculous Technique  buy on itunes
Ashley Park  Ghost World  buy on itunes
My Life Story   Angel  buy on itunes


Mix for SueEW, who requested only the B&S track. Shambolic or string-laden pop is the order of the day. Title courtesy of Piano Magic.


Date: 11/19/2001
Wow - this looks great! Shambolic/string-laden pop is certainly the order of the day, and the order is for me :)
Date: 11/20/2001
since the snow is falling here today, this mix is appropriate...although i'm a bit shocked i didn't put miraculous technique on the mix i made for you sue! :) marvellous mix.

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