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Artist Song Buy
Strung Out  Monster  buy on itunes
Catch 22  On and On and On  buy on itunes
Shelter  When 20 Summers Pass  buy on itunes
Common Rider  Classics of Love  buy on itunes
NOFX  Vincent  buy on itunes
Astrozombies  Pennywise  buy on itunes
Offspring  Kick 'em When They're Down  buy on itunes
Citizen Fish  Habit  buy on itunes
Avail  Satiate  buy on itunes
Murder City Devils  Boom Swagger Boom  buy on itunes
Dropkick Murphy's  Upstarts and Broken Hearts  buy on itunes
Propagandhi  Refusing to be a Man  buy on itunes
Swingin' Utters  London Drunk  buy on itunes
H20  Here Today, Gone Tomorrow  buy on itunes
Goldfinger  Superman  buy on itunes
Blink 182  Cacaphony  buy on itunes
Diesal Boy  True Drew  buy on itunes
Operation Ivy  The Crowd  buy on itunes
Ten Foot Pole  A.D.D.  buy on itunes
No Use For A Name  Soulmate  buy on itunes
Ducky Boys  Me Against the World  buy on itunes
Bad Religion  The Answer  buy on itunes
Rancid  St. Mary  buy on itunes
Jawbreaker  Chesterfield King  buy on itunes
CIV  Choices Made  buy on itunes
Bouncing Souls  Ballad of Johnny X  buy on itunes


NOFX doing Vincent is a cover of a Don McLean song...Astrozombies is a Misfits cover. Two covers is the MAX I put on a CD, and I used these two as a contrast towards each other and the differences that can be found in punk bands covering punk songs and punk bands covering classic rock songs. All else is original music by the original artist.


Date: 12/3/2001
cool...you got Shelter (one of my fave bands, check out the interview i did with them in my zine, the link is in my profile), Ducky Boys, Dropkick, Op Ivy, CIV, my homestate heroes Avail, ..overall a nice mix.
Date: 12/3/2001
logan you rock ass
Date: 12/4/2001
a lot of good bands playing not their best songs. thank goodness for the crowd

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