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Cover Me...I'm Going In

Artist Song Buy
Earth Crisis  Children of the Grave (Sabbath)  buy on itunes
BoySetsFire  Rocketman (Elton John)  buy on itunes
Marilyn Manson  Tainted Love (Soft Cell)  buy on itunes
Goldfinger  Rio (Duran Duran)  buy on itunes
Operation Ivy  I Wanna Be Sedated (Ramones...rare)  buy on itunes
Tool  Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd...rare)  buy on itunes
Rage Against the Machine  Fuck the Police (NWA...rare)  buy on itunes
The Urge  Radio Clash (The Clash)  buy on itunes
Earth Crisis  Paint it Black (Rolling Stones)  buy on itunes
Metallica  The Wait (Killing Joke)  buy on itunes
The Goops  Build Me Up Buttercup (The Foundation?)  buy on itunes
Less Than Jake  867-5309/Jenny (Tommy Tutone)  buy on itunes
BoySetsFire  Holiday in Cambodia (Dead Kennedy's)  buy on itunes
NOFX  Last Caress (Misfits)  buy on itunes
Offspring  Total Immortal (AFI)  buy on itunes
Against All Authority  Threat (The PIST)  buy on itunes
Buck 'o' Nine  Pass the Dootchie (Musical Youth)  buy on itunes
Phish  Gin and Juice (Snoop Dogg)  buy on itunes
A Perfect Circle  Diary of a Madman (Ozzy)  buy on itunes
Blues Traveler  Imagine (John Lennon)  buy on itunes


Suprisingly, it mixes rather well the way I laid it out. As an editors note, I really do hate Metallica and am not much of a Manson fan, but they produced damn fine covers at times. The two EC and BSF covers apiece come from the quality of the covers in bringing the CD together.


Date: 12/5/2001
Those three rare covers are intrigueing. Where did you get them?
Date: 12/5/2001
AFI would fit nicely for a misfits cover, as well
Matt Carpenter
Date: 12/5/2001
I would love to hear Rage's version of Fuck The Police. I'll see if I can download it. Have you ever heard Dope's version?
Date: 12/5/2001
Mainly, the rares are from live shows and are subsquently hard to find. Comfortably Numb for instance is all instrumental, but strikingly beautiful (reminicsant of Maynard's days doing Children of the Anacronistic Dynasty). Fuck the Polic and I Wanna Be Sedated are both live covers, not too hard to find in all actuality.
Death Row Groovin
Date: 12/5/2001
That Snoop cover is not by Phish
It is a band called the Gourds.
Just for your records. It is well documented on the net that
Phish has never cover Gin and Juice and that they always
get credit for that great cover version.
The gourds site might have some info on it.
Nic Diamond
Date: 3/30/2003
Yo, I think I'm interested in trading for this one, so peruse the mixes I've got and get back with me...as for the Phish/Gourds debate, The Gourds are from Austin, TX and they covered Gin & Juice many years ago. I actually heard that they quit playing it because Snoop's people threatened a lawsuit, but that info is not confirmed. I've been hoping to catch the Gourds live in Austin for some time now, but their shows have yet to coincide with me having time off work! Nice mix. PEACE.

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