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Cassette | Jazz - Avant-Garde Jazz
Cassette | Jazz
Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ
Cassette | Theme


Artist Song Buy
pixies  wild honey pie (the beatles)  buy on itunes
elastica with stephen malkmus  the unheard music (x)  buy on itunes
southern culture on the skids  venus (shocking blue)  buy on itunes
circle jerks  golden shower of hits (jerks on 45) (too numerous to list)  buy on itunes
bananarama  no feelings (sex pistols)  buy on itunes
beastie boys with miho  light my fire (the doors)  buy on itunes
ramones  i don't wanna grow up (tom waits)  buy on itunes
israel kamakawiwo'ole  somewhere over the rainbow*what a wonderful world (judy garland*louis armstrong)  buy on itunes
vandals  poison (alice cooper)  buy on itunes
crispin hellion glover  these boots are made for walking (nancy sinatra)  buy on itunes
dinosaur jr.  just like heaven (the cure)  buy on itunes
ben folds five  she don't use jelly (the flaming lips)  buy on itunes
dean carter  jailhouse rock (elvis presley)  buy on itunes
lemonheads  skulls (the misfits)  buy on itunes
minutemen  ain't talkin' 'bout love (van halen)  buy on itunes
shizuo  new kick (the cramps)  buy on itunes
nomeansno  forward to death (dead kennedys)  buy on itunes
the junkyard dogs  breakin' the law (judas priest)  buy on itunes
the shitbirds  beef bologna (fear)  buy on itunes
the moog cookbook  hotel california (eagles)  buy on itunes
cibo matto  about a girl (nirvana)  buy on itunes
hickoids  hee haw (cast of hee haw)  buy on itunes
violent femmes  eep opp ork ah-ah (means i love you) (jet screamer on the jetsons)  buy on itunes
the residents  we're a happy family (ramones)  buy on itunes
dead kennedys  viva las vegas (elvis presley)  buy on itunes
royal trux  theme from m*a*s*h (mandel and preminger)  buy on itunes
voodoo glow skulls  time out for fun (devo)  buy on itunes
sid vicious  my way (frank sinatra)  buy on itunes


i'm crazy about cover songs. most of my musical friends look down on covers. i can't stand cover bands and tribute bands, but i love when a band makes a cover song their own. i also love when an actor or mainstream act make a train wreck of a song (olivia newton john's ring of fire). this is one of two discs i made for my friends for x-mas.
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Date: 12/23/2001
Date: 12/23/2001
shite, this is good
John G
Date: 3/5/2002
And the theme from M*A*S*H is actually titled "Suicide Is Painless" Freaky early 70's war flicks... Vedy cool mix BTW...

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