My Bands Love A Bunch of Authors

Artist Song Buy
Moxy Fruvous  My Baby Loves A Bunch of Authors  buy on itunes
Too Much Joy  William Holden Caulfield  buy on itunes
Chris Von Sneidern  Summertime Sun  buy on itunes
Sarah Slean  John 23rd  buy on itunes
Loudon Wainwright III  Cobwebs  buy on itunes
Jude  You Mama You  buy on itunes
10,000 Maniacs  Hey Jack Kerouac  buy on itunes
Holcombe Waller  Allen Baby  buy on itunes
They Might Be Giants  I Should Be Allowed To Think  buy on itunes
Dan Bern  Johnny Cash & Anais Nin  buy on itunes
The Nields  Snowman  buy on itunes
High Llamas  Literature Is Fluff  buy on itunes
XTC  Books Are Burning  buy on itunes
Ellis Paul  Paperback Man  buy on itunes
The Tragically Hip  Poets  buy on itunes
Peter Mulvey  The Trouble With Poets  buy on itunes
Mary Lou Lord  Western Union Desperate  buy on itunes
The Magnetic Fields  The Death Of Ferdinand De Saussure  buy on itunes
Ryan Adams  Sylvia Plath  buy on itunes
Sons of the Never Wrong  Maybe, Just Maybe  buy on itunes
Jim's Big Ego  Jumblies  buy on itunes
Moxy Fruvous  Green Eggs & Ham  buy on itunes
Dan Bern  Shakespeare's Got A Gun  buy on itunes
The Arrogant Worms  William Shakespeare Is In My Cat  buy on itunes


Gods. I am such a geek.


Date: 12/29/2001
Can I have this one? pleasepleaseplease?
Date: 12/29/2001
i like this.
Date: 12/29/2001
i love dan bern.
Geoffrey Holland
Date: 12/29/2001
Date: 12/30/2001
I'd like to ditto Monsieur Apichell's begging....I'm embarrassed to admit it hit a soft spot in my heart, when I found out you wrote the book I read...
Date: 12/30/2001
oh, it doesn't get any better than this. TMBG, my favorite mag fields track ever, LW3, JUDE... and a whole bunch of stuff i've never heard that sounds cool. wow. just wow.
Date: 1/2/2002
another good tragically hip song that could've made it on here is courage (for hugh maclennan) it is a passage from hugh's book "the watch that ends the night."
Steve Stewart
Date: 1/23/2002
Moxy Fruvous and TMBG plus a bunch of other tunes with comical names - Pure Class
Adam Hartfield
Date: 3/16/2002
With Fruvous and The Nields, you just can't go wrong. :D
Date: 9/2/2002
Congratulations on having a great sense of humor and excellent taste in music. I was very pleased by the whole of this compilation, but Maybe Just Maybe was definitely the kicker. This is a scrumptious mix!
Date: 9/14/2002
excellent! i've been kicking around this idea for ages but i never got around to actually making the mix. love the beat block in the middle.
Date: 7/30/2003
You have Sarah Slean but forgot "Me & Jerome" (J.D. Salinger)! Nice Job with the rest though!

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