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Side A
Artist Song Buy
fats comet  bop bop  buy on itunes
the jive bombers  cherry  buy on itunes
float up cp  my memory  buy on itunes
roy montrell  (everytime i hear that) mellow saxophone   buy on itunes
the revlons  after last night  buy on itunes
lo-hi  put a sock in it  buy on itunes
naz nomad & the nightmares  the trip  buy on itunes
frig  the fridge  buy on itunes
slaughterhouse 5  things she said  buy on itunes
off broadway usa  stay in time  buy on itunes
newbeats  run, baby run  buy on itunes
mighty avengers  so much in love  buy on itunes
wednesday week  why  buy on itunes
windbreakers  off & on  buy on itunes
friday and the girls  an older boy  buy on itunes
the original cast of zoom  playground in my mind  buy on itunes
jeanette armstrong & the robotics  threads of old memory dub  buy on itunes
Side B
tommy spurlin & the southern boys  hang loose  buy on itunes
pat wilson  bop girl  buy on itunes
bob gibson  dance, boatmen, dance  buy on itunes
color me gone  lose control  buy on itunes
the wind  house on fire  buy on itunes
love dolls  pearls at swine  buy on itunes
robin gibb  mother and jack  buy on itunes
the twelve caesars  optic nerve  buy on itunes
hangmans beautiful daughter  something about today  buy on itunes
downy mildew  flower song  buy on itunes
oh ok   such 'n' such  buy on itunes
thick pigeon  troglodytes  buy on itunes
pipkins  gimme dat ding  buy on itunes
middle of the road  chirpy chirpy cheep cheep  buy on itunes
shango  zulu groove  buy on itunes
bonzo goes to washington  5 minutes  buy on itunes
    buy on itunes


A mix for CASETTA. Based on my searches, none of these bands/artists have ever appeared on AOTM (the title stems from the awkward message that pops up when a search for an artist comes up empty.) It resulted in a rather eclectic mix--folk, rockabilly, one-hit wonders, power pop, 60s girl groups, instrumentals and one poem are all represented here. I'll come clean and admit that I discovered that the Jive Bombers had appeared on three other mixes after finishing this. I'm in no mood to redo side one, so it stays. The cover girl? Why it's none other than Hollis Queens, half of Lo-Hi (included above) and the drummer for Boss Hog. I photographed her when she was a classmate at SDSU. Some additional notes on some of the bands: FATS COMET - the friendlier side of Tackhead, which was also Sugar Hill Records' house band. FLOAT UP CP - Neneh Cherry's last band before she persued a successful solo career. SLAUGHTERHOUSE 5 - They made one great album called "Wide Open" which can often be found in the 99-cent used CD bins. A must for anyone who likes Stiff Little Fingers or the Senseless Things. NAZ NOMAD & the NIGHTMARES - The Damned used this pseudonym to record a soundtrack of 60s covers for an imaginary film called "Give Daddy the Knife Cindy" ROBIN GIBB - The song comes from his 1969 solo album, recorded after he left the Bee Gees following a squabble with brother Barry over who would get the A-side of a single. Eventually he came back (the album was a bomb), and the rest is history. DOWNY MILDEW - I was very surprised to see that no one has put this fine LA band on a mix. They released four albums worth of excellent jangly and orchestral rock in the late 80s/early 90s. OH OK - a band that featured Lynda Stipe (Michael's sis) Linda Hopper (later of Magnapop) and a young lad named Matthew Sweet. BONZO GOES TO WASHINGTON - Bootsy Collins and Talking Heads' Jerry Harrison splice up Ronald Reagan's "We've outlawed Russia forever... we begin bombing in five minutes" gaff into a musical rap record. Okay, I'm going to take a nap now.
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Date: 1/24/2002
Wow and you sure jarred my old memory bank with some of these. Wednesday Week, a fine LA all girl pop group. The Damned's sixties punk alter ego doing The Kim Fowley number. Downey Mildew.. didn't they do a cover of Sunday Morning by the Velvets mixed with Leaving On A Jet Plane? Scary how those two songs blend. The Windbreakers! Funny, yesterday I was just talking with Bobby Sutliff. Lots of other tasty treats here too. COOL. This looks great and thanks a bunch.
Rob Conroy
Date: 1/24/2002
This is really impressive, Moe... I don't think I've heard much of anything here, but I'm certainly intrigued. I'm familiar with the *hit* version of "Playground in My Mind"... *shivers and curses Moe for putting that song's chorus in his head for the rest of the night*
Jon Neukam
Date: 1/24/2002
Date: 1/24/2002
i'm stunned and humbled by the esoteric awesomeness of this mix. how can it be that nobody's used that reagan track yet? isn't it infamous or something?
Martin Andersen
Date: 1/24/2002
James Russell
Date: 1/24/2002
Wow. Somehow, though, I can't help but feel there's a reason why no one here has put "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep" on a mix here before..
Date: 1/24/2002
James, I never said all these groups/artists should be on a mix! :) Lush did do a great cover of "Chirpy Chirpy Cheap Cheap," which appears on one of my earlier mixes.
Date: 1/24/2002
Very cool, Ion.
Date: 1/25/2002
this is out of control ion. incredible work. (btw, did you get the mix i sent you?)
Scott K
Date: 1/25/2002
Cool. I was compiling a mix w/the same theme yesterday, but you beat me to the punch! I too saw that Clint Holmes isn't in the database, though I wouldn't include his version of Playground either. I agree that some artists are better ignored; there's a good reason why Allan Holdsworth has never made it on a mix! We'll probably have to wait for a "Suicide Rock" mix for Johnny Ace to appear! Excuse me, I'm rambling. Really, really well done!
Date: 1/26/2002
What a cool idea, and what a challenge too. Mind if I steal the idea? I'll give you due props of course.
Date: 1/26/2002
Of course I don't mind. I'd be curious to see what you or anyone else come up with. I might do another one myself eventually. So many of the artists I wanted to use were thwarted when just one other person had used them on a mix--i.e. 400 Blows, Coolies, Tater Totz, Dirt Fishermen, etc.
Date: 4/16/2002
Wow, nobody on the site ever used a Newbeats song?
Once, when I was a kid, I heard "Bread and Butter"
on the car radio and thought that martians had
taken over.
Date: 7/31/2002
coceptual dynamite/roy montrell song is BOSS/lotsa stuff i don't know
Date: 3/17/2003
CONceptual i mean obv
DJ Lunch Boy
Date: 4/11/2003
Did you make this mix before Collectors Choice issued the Oh-OK retrospective? Because you were way ahead of the curve if you did. Brilliant idea. As a lazy Art of the Mixer I just found out about the search-by-artist function when someone pointed out I was only the fourth person to include the Higsons on a mix (he was the second or third). I bet this mix would be a lot harder to make, one year later.
Justin Duerr
Date: 12/10/2003
I would just like to comment that Thick Pigeon is one of the best band names ever. I like it even more than Pigeonhead, although any band name including the word "pigeon" really can't fail. This is the best kind of mix -- things I've never heard! My curiosity is piqued!
Date: 3/11/2006
nice mix - thanks for the nod to SDSU & Downy Mildew
psanca- mid 80's KCR volunteer

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