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Boys + Girls: Girls Who Wear Pants

Artist Song Buy
The Aislers Set  The Way To Market Station  buy on itunes
The Gossip  Sweet Baby  buy on itunes
Sleater-Kinney  Leave You Behind  buy on itunes
Cadallaca  The Trouble With Public Places  buy on itunes
Heavens To Betsy  Terrorist  buy on itunes
Excuse 17  Watchmaker  buy on itunes
The Spells  Can't Explain  buy on itunes
Mary Timony  I Fire Myself  buy on itunes
Bangs  Death By Guitar  buy on itunes
The Donnas  Skintight  buy on itunes
Free Kitten  Greener Pastures  buy on itunes
Cold Cold Hearts  Maybe Scabies  buy on itunes
Lunachicks  The Day Squid's Gerbil Died  buy on itunes
Stereo Total  Miau Miau  buy on itunes
Barcelona  Studio Hair Gel  buy on itunes
Fairmount Girls  Solar Sunday  buy on itunes
Cub  New York City  buy on itunes
Jan  Fred Rogers  buy on itunes
Panax  The Garden  buy on itunes
The Rondelles  Like A Prayer  buy on itunes
Tuscadero  Just My Size  buy on itunes
Hot Pursuit  Tobin Gets A Bonus  buy on itunes
The Feminine Complex  Hide And Seek  buy on itunes
Solex  When Solex Just Stood There  buy on itunes


This is one of a two disc set I made for a friend of mine who mainly listens to female sung music. I split up the men and the women so as to not break up her feminine enjoyment. Of course she ends up liking the boys disc better. So it goes. The design was horked from the Promise Ring Boys+Girls 7", which also gave inspiration for part of the title, and the general theme as well.
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Date: 1/30/2002
oooh i like this mix. very muchly.
Date: 1/30/2002
johansen smith
Date: 2/6/2002
not bad at all...
Date: 8/22/2002
This looks totally great! How I missed it the first time I'll never know. Great picks from top to bottom. Nice cover too.
miss violet
Date: 7/23/2003
ohhh i like this,

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