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Epic and Erie

Artist Song Buy
Mortiis  Spirit Of Conquest  buy on itunes
Mortiis  Across the World of Wonders  buy on itunes
Mortiis  Child of Curiosity and the Old  buy on itunes
Zoar  An Early Disobedience  buy on itunes
Zoar  The Beauty Of Obscenity  buy on itunes
Haggard  Awaking the Centuries  buy on itunes
Haggard  Heavenly Damnation  buy on itunes
Haggard  The Final Victory  buy on itunes
Haggard  Pestilencia  buy on itunes
Tristania  Opus Relinque  buy on itunes
Tristania  Pale Enchantress  buy on itunes
Sins of Thy Beloved  The Thing That Should Not Be  buy on itunes
Therion  To Mega Therion  buy on itunes
Archon Satani  Hymn of Despair  buy on itunes
Archon Satani  Insane with Fear  buy on itunes


A weird mix of songs that are either erie or seem like they have an epic sound for some soundtrack. One of my favorite mixes.


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