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What A Joy To Hear The Utterance of A Rasta [Pt. 1]

Artist Song Buy
Horace Andy  Do You Like My Music?  buy on itunes
Black Uhuru  Utterance  buy on itunes
Burning Spear  Columbus  buy on itunes
Johnny Clarke  Every Knee Shall Bow (extended)  buy on itunes
Mad Professor  Kunte Kinte  buy on itunes
Hugh Mundell  My Mind  buy on itunes
Gregory Isaacs  If I Don't Have You  buy on itunes
Lee Perry  I Am A Madman  buy on itunes
King Tubby/Prince Jammy  A Living Version  buy on itunes
Prince Alla  Stone  buy on itunes
Cornell Campbell  Natty Don't Go  buy on itunes
Vivian Jackson (a/k/a Yabby You) & The Defenders  Love Thy Neighbor  buy on itunes
Barrington Levy  Englishman  buy on itunes
Bounty Killer  Roots, Reality and Culture  buy on itunes
Jah Stitch  Watch Your Step Youthman  buy on itunes
Big Youth  Riverton City  buy on itunes
The Terrors  Assemble Not Thyself (extended)  buy on itunes
Prince Far I  Black Man Land  buy on itunes
Dennis Brown  Should I  buy on itunes


Being of suburban pennsylvania descent, of course I came into an interest in reggae from an indierock angle...Fugazi's "Red Medicine" blew my mind, and not only opened my ears to the mesmerization the bass/drum reggae rhythm section can provide, but made me want to dig to find out where in the hell they were getting their ideas. 7 yrs later, reggae/dub/dj/dancehall, etc. is still one of the few genres that delivers that butterflies-in-the-stomach sense of discovery that any record collector nerd feels when doors are first opened to a new style that amazes them and the subsequent endless possibility of unknown doors that could be lurking on any dusty record. i've only got a modest collection and an even more modest knowledge, but these 2 discs are a starter kit of personal favorites trying not to include multiple entries. as is probably obvious, i'm particularly partial to that deep roots sound of the mid-to-late '70s. Title comes from the Black Uhuru song, one of the best four minutes ever grooved into vinyl.


Junior D 1
Date: 2/4/2002
Aww shit, these two cds are irie as hell. Nicely done, reggae done proper. These two cds are crucial, especially if you dont know about reggae. Educate yourselves properly.
Date: 2/4/2002
so which one is for me?
Rob Conroy
Date: 2/4/2002
Okay, Jeff, when is our second trade being set up? :-)
Date: 2/4/2002
woah. this looks damaging. awesome.
Date: 2/5/2002
this looks great--it seems to lack that faux hippie obnoxiousness that seems to pervade campuses throughout the nation...
p the swede
Date: 3/13/2002
Date: 4/13/2002
i've always wanted an education in reggae- if you feel the need to send me this CD, i could attempt to make it worth your while. somehow. everything i like you seem to already have a handle on so...
Date: 8/22/2002
Hey Lakespeed.., wondering if there's any possibilty of a trade for this amazing double-disc set of stalwart rastaman vibrations..? (E-mail if it's "doable." THX!)

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