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Alright, yeah yeah! It's a 60s garage comp!

Artist Song Buy
The Haunted  1-2-5   buy on itunes
The Moving Sidewalks  99th Floor  buy on itunes
Fire  Father's Name was Dad  buy on itunes
The Gants  I wonder  buy on itunes
The Creation  Biff Bang Pow!  buy on itunes
The Five Canadians  Writing on the Wall  buy on itunes
The Escapades  I Tell no Lies   buy on itunes
The Fe Fi Four Plus 2  I wanna come back   buy on itunes
The Litter  Action Woman  buy on itunes
The Ju Jus  You Treated me Bad  buy on itunes
Third Bardo  Five years ahead of my time  buy on itunes
The Road  You Rub me the Wrong Way  buy on itunes
The Choir  It's Cold Outside   buy on itunes
The Others  I Can't Stand This Love  buy on itunes
The Lollipop Shoppe  You Must be a Witch  buy on itunes
The Turtles  Outside Chance  buy on itunes
The Squires  Going All the Way  buy on itunes
The Chocolate Watchband  Are you gonna be there?  buy on itunes
The Starfires  I never loved her  buy on itunes
The Alarm Clocks  No reason to complain  buy on itunes
Byron & the Mortals  Do you believe me   buy on itunes
The Unrelated Segments  Cry Cry Cry   buy on itunes
The Sparkles  No friend of mine   buy on itunes
The Heard  Stop it baby   buy on itunes
The Sonics  Cinderella   buy on itunes
The Paragons  Abba  buy on itunes
The Shandells  Gorilla  buy on itunes
Bold  Gotta get some   buy on itunes
The Bees  Voices green and purple  buy on itunes
The Music Machine  Some other drum  buy on itunes


This is an introduction to what is frequently my favorite genre of music, mid-late 60s garage rock. Some of the tunes are semi-famous, and other certainly should be. These are culled from various Pebbles, Nuggets, Back from the Grave, Teenage Shutdown comps and more. Didn't get to include some other fave raves, as I don't have them on cd. Let me know if anyone has access to "69" (Arondies), "Feelin' Lost" (Rationals) or anything else along these lines. Also, I'm including my favorite garage tracks; the ones that turned me on to the stuff 15 years ago - there are hundreds of others which deserve to be placed alongside these - I welcome your suggestions. Many thanks to the fellow garage geeks who walk among us - thanks for hooking me up with tracks by the Knaves and King's Ransom. You'll see these on volume 2. Always remember and never forget - fine musicianship is way overrated. I mean, who would you rather dine with - John Williams or Johnny Ramone?

*Oops, forgot "Social End Product" by the Bluestars. It's track 3.


Rob Conroy
Date: 2/11/2002
YESSSSSSSSS, precious. I likes to RAWK. I look forward to receiving my copy, Messr. bin Lally.
Rob Conroy
Date: 2/11/2002
Oh, I forgot to say, special props to Fire (which you introduced me to on that fateful trip to Washington, PA in '94), the Paragons (nice to see it represented, as per our conversation Saturday), the Gants (a recurring mix favorite of mine), and the classic Moving Sidewalks track (Billy never reached such heights again).
Date: 2/11/2002
Looks great Sean. I've only heard a handful of these bands. Perhaps I could trade for it one of these days. (I don't even want to venture a guess at what "the hog" is)
Date: 2/11/2002
I would love to hear this too, it looks amazing. Email me if a trade is possible.
Date: 2/11/2002
garageland is where it's at, no doubt about it. sign me up for the trade-fest as well...
lo-fi jr.
Date: 2/11/2002
Outstanding Sean. You hit four outta my top five with the Haunted, Moving Sidewalks, Litter & Squires tracks ('Little Black Egg' is currently at the number five position for me).
Date: 2/11/2002
I like what I see, lots of faves and a big thumbs up for even knowing who Kings Ransom is.
James Russell
Date: 2/12/2002
Outstanding indeed. You can't go too wrong with the Bees and Fire...
Date: 2/12/2002
yes this is very nice. mix coming your way from mine very soon.
Sean Lally
Date: 2/12/2002
Thanks, Brandt. You rock my world.
Date: 2/13/2002
rad. each of these songs are playing in my head right now. amazing selection.
Tim Kaiser
Date: 2/14/2002
Hey Sean, I've got that Knaves song if you want it. In fact, i just put it on a mix myself.
Date: 2/14/2002
This is brilliant. If you want my Purple Alligator mix you can have it, but I must have this! Well done
Date: 3/6/2002
Yay, not yeah!!
"And now it's cold outside"..."Ahhhhhhhh" (great backing vocals!)
Date: 4/12/2002
Okay, wow. You are blowing me away here. I really think I need a copy of this. It looks like I'm gonna wanna trade for everything you've done!! =)
Mike Pike Set
Date: 4/24/2002
Cool mix, if you wanna trade with me
i shoul be glad, both of your 60's garage mixes is of interest. please send me a mail if you wanna trade with me, i've been looking for Lollipop shoppe for a long time.
Date: 11/17/2002
solid all the way! (well there's a couple songs i don't know but i'm sure they're great)
Date: 12/12/2002
I just started to get into 60's garage rock! I love the sonics. Any way we could work a trade? Please let me know!
jean luc godard
Date: 3/21/2003
trade with me and i will worship you like the god you are.
David B.
Date: 4/4/2003
Warning! This stuff is highly addictive and will open up a whole new quadrant in your brain. You will need all four volumes to get the full flavor crystals. Amazing stuff.
Date: 5/9/2003
Thank send my musyc
I m turkey
Date: 11/2/2003
Killer killer shit! We obviously zeroed in on the same cuts on those Pebble albums - in fact, comparing your second sentence to the intro on my first garage album, I think we have the same damn garage comps! Three of my all time faves are here - the songs by Lollipop Shoppe, Byron & the Mortals, and Sparkles. As far as I'm concerned those three songs alone are worth the coin I dropped for all of my garage comps. I tip my cynical and critical garage hat to you.
Reverend Johnny Delicious
Date: 7/28/2004
How right you were. I feel as if my record collection has been molested, but in a good way, like when a priest does it.
Date: 10/20/2005
Hell yeah.. I am a bit of a 13th Floor Elevators fan.. so this stuff is right up my alley.. damn.. need to get a trade going.. this is great.. there is a ton of stuff there i never heard before..

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