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Some of the best songs ever (if you ask me)

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Bruce Springsteen  "Born To Run"  buy on itunes
Ulf Lundell  "Nsdens +r"  buy on itunes
Iggy Pop  "Lust For Life"  buy on itunes
The Stranglers  "Duchess"  buy on itunes
Amanda Lear  "Fashion Pack"  buy on itunes
Plastic Bertrand  "Ca Plane Pour Moi"  buy on itunes
Docent D÷d  "Solglas÷gon"  buy on itunes
Mot÷rhead  "Ace Of Spades"  buy on itunes
Mo-Dettes  "White Mice"  buy on itunes
Buzzcocks  "I Don't Mind"  buy on itunes
Frank Zappa  "Joe's Garage"  buy on itunes
David Bowie  "Golden Years"  buy on itunes
Bob Marley & The Wailers  "One Drop"  buy on itunes
Stiff Little Fingers  "Alternative Ulster"  buy on itunes
Eddie & The Hot Rods  "Do Anything You wanna Do"  buy on itunes
Rude Kids  "Safe Society"  buy on itunes
Madness  "Nightboat To Cairo"  buy on itunes
Side B
The Rezillos  "Destination Venus"  buy on itunes
The Dickies  "Fan Mail"  buy on itunes
United Balls  "Pogo In Togo"  buy on itunes
Blondie  "Union City Blue"  buy on itunes
Tubeway Army  "Down In The Park"  buy on itunes
The Beatles  "Penny Lane"  buy on itunes
John Foxx  "On The Plaza"  buy on itunes
Noice  "I Natt E Hela Stan Vsr"  buy on itunes
Ultravox  "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes"  buy on itunes
John Lennon  "Nobody Told Me"  buy on itunes
Shrink  "Valid Or Void"  buy on itunes
Dire Straits  "Sultans Of Swing"  buy on itunes
The Clash  "White Man In Hammersmith Palais"  buy on itunes
The Damned  "Love Song"  buy on itunes
999  "I'm Alive"  buy on itunes
XTC  "This Is Pop"  buy on itunes
Dag Vag  "Musik, Musik"  buy on itunes


Different strokes for different folks.
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p the swede
Date: 3/10/2002
"pogo in togo" is an incredible title
Larz Gustafsson1
Date: 3/10/2002
You're right! I love it!
And the next line of lyrics is: "Coca Cola In Angola"!!
There is also one line in the verse that reads: "Kaos in Laos".
I liked the album as a whole.
It's a shame it 's so hard to get it.
I used to have a copy but I gave it to a certain guy by the name of Bertilsson...
Date: 3/10/2002
much better than the other one...and the girl's just as good.
Larz Gustafsson1
Date: 3/10/2002
Thank you, my friend!
Remember that song by The Vapors, "Turning Japanese"?
Great tune!
And "Spiders" was another great tune by the same band. I forgot to mention it in this list.
Cheers, buddy!
Jon Neukam
Date: 3/10/2002
Good for you.....the 40s ain't so bad when you realize all the cool people are getting just as old... :D
Larz Gustafsson1
Date: 3/10/2002
How do you know I'm in my 40:s?
Date: 3/10/2002
one drop is my absolute favorite bob marley song..i'm glad someone agrees with me!
Geoffrey Holland
Date: 3/11/2002
man..even at 31 this mix makes me feel old old old.
Larz Gustafsson1
Date: 3/11/2002
Well, Geoffrey, who cares?
p the swede
Date: 3/11/2002
age is nothing but a number

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