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Dirty Boogie

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Roy Hall & his Cohutta Mountain Boys  Dirty Boogie  buy on itunes
Jimmy Myers & his Happy Highway Gang  Drunk Man's Wiggle  buy on itunes
Dusty Rivers & the Rangers  Wheelwright Boogie  buy on itunes
Gayle Griffith w/- the L.M.C. Trio  Rockin' And A Knockin'  buy on itunes
John Talley  Shine, Shave And Shower  buy on itunes
Maddox Bros. and Rose  Ugly And Slouchy  buy on itunes
'Little' Jimmy Dickens  Salty Boogie  buy on itunes
R.D. Hendon & his Western Jamboree Cowboys  Music Making Mama From Memphis  buy on itunes
Merl Lindsay & his Oklahoma Night Riders  Slidin' Steel  buy on itunes
Doye O'Dell  Lookin' Poor, But Feelin' Rich  buy on itunes
Pee Wee King & his Golden West Cowboys  Birmingham Bounce  buy on itunes
Johnnie Lee Wills & his Boys  Oo Ooooh Daddy  buy on itunes
Cotton Thompson w/- Deacon Anderson & the Village Boys  "How Long"  buy on itunes
Tommy Elliot & the Line Riders  Sold Out Doc (Done Took My Sign Board Down)  buy on itunes
Tommy Kizziah & his West Coast Ramblers  Long Tom Boogie  buy on itunes
Red Pleasant & the Southern Serenaders  Mississippi Boogie  buy on itunes
Jimmy Collett  Four Alarm Boogie  buy on itunes
Tommy Sosebee  All Nite Boogie  buy on itunes
Side B
Pee Wee King & his Golden West Cowboys  Blue Suede Shoes  buy on itunes
Roy Hall  You Ruined My Blue Suede Shoes  buy on itunes
Sheb Wooley  I Flipped  buy on itunes
Leodie Jackson & his Swingsters  That Naggin' Wife Of Mine  buy on itunes
Luke Wills Rhythm Busters  Never Turn Your Back To A Woman  buy on itunes
Hardrock Gunter  You Played On My Piano  buy on itunes
Stewart Family  22 Boogie  buy on itunes
Bennie Hess & his Nation Playboys  Bennie Hess Boogie  buy on itunes
Jesse James & Band  Piano Pete's Boogie  buy on itunes
Ray Batts  Wild Man Boogie  buy on itunes
Maddox Bros. & Rose  Step It Up And Go  buy on itunes
T. Texas Tyler & his Oklahoma Melody Boys  Guitar Boogie Woogie  buy on itunes
Mel Price & his Santa Fe Rangers  Nothin' Seems To Go Right Anymore  buy on itunes
Arkie Shibley & his Mountain Dew Boys  Guitar Hoedown  buy on itunes
Bill Lancaster's Roving Ramblers  It's Saturday Night Now (And I'm Going To Town)  buy on itunes
Smokey & Jean  The Hobo Boogie  buy on itunes
Wayne Raney  Real Hot Boogie  buy on itunes
    buy on itunes



simon sparrow
Date: 3/2/2001
Looks great! I find it very hard in England to find a lot of this stuff! Would very much appreciate any help you can give me in tracking down some of this stuff on vinyl or CD. In particular, trying to find 'I had someone else' by easy adams and the texas hophands....Any ideas? Many Thanks

Date: 8/2/2002
Great, great, great stuff here.
Bill Fisher
Date: 11/14/2002
Need Merl Lindsay's theme song "Waterbaby Boogie on CD. Any ideas where I may find? Thanks

Troy Hess
Date: 7/17/2003
Love that stuff on Bennie Hess, dad was a charector!!!!
Mike Leodie Jackson
Date: 11/17/2003
Does anybody know where I can get some copies of music by Leodie Jackson? I'm his son. He had three hit songs that I know about but never heard. "Steeling the Blues", "That Naggin'Wife of Mine" and "Double Crossin'Momma". I would appreciate any information.

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