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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Theme - Depression
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Theme - Break Up

fresh sweater smell good

Side A
Artist Song Buy
gorillaz  ghost train  buy on itunes
free kitten  strawberry milk  buy on itunes
spoon  chicago at night  buy on itunes
hefner  pull yourself together  buy on itunes
aquabats  anti-matter  buy on itunes
neko case and her boyfriends  whip the blankets  buy on itunes
white stripes  jumble, jumble  buy on itunes
semisonic  sunshine and chocolate  buy on itunes
big star  i'm in love with a girl  buy on itunes
dashboard confessional  saints & sailors  buy on itunes
lobo  me and you and a dog named boo  buy on itunes
junior varsity  pop socks  buy on itunes
goldfinger  the kids are alright  buy on itunes
superdrag  what if you don't fly  buy on itunes
sloan  waiting for slow songs  buy on itunes
aislers set  we give up  buy on itunes
le tigre  shred a  buy on itunes
Side B
the hippos  our lips are sealed  buy on itunes
new pornographers  mass romantic  buy on itunes
hi-standard  california dreaming  buy on itunes
the cardigans  love fool  buy on itunes
pulp  like a friend  buy on itunes
teenage fanclub  my uptight life  buy on itunes
stephen malkmus  leisurely poison  buy on itunes
roselle nava  habang narito ako  buy on itunes
bing crosby  you must have been a beautiful baby  buy on itunes
guster  happy frappy  buy on itunes
wolfie  subroutine the reward  buy on itunes
karate  bass sounds  buy on itunes
dandy warhols  get off  buy on itunes
blur  on your own (crouch end mix)  buy on itunes
adolf hitler  nazi party intolerance  buy on itunes
dance hall crashers  make her purr  buy on itunes
    buy on itunes


a nervousness mixtape for miss kari of nihon. just another general sylvia mix of whatever i dig up in my mp3s. the title has nothing to do with the tape, though it has an obscure reference to a certain yo la tengo song and a mr. manboy. and yes, that is filipino singing diva you see.


jaime b
Date: 3/25/2002
i'm really glad to see semisonic on a mix of mostly indie stuff.. i know they lost their 'indie cred' with closing time but the secret is that they're a really great band otherwise. hurrah! esp for that wolfie track, aislers set, sloan, hefner.. sigh.. :)
Date: 8/6/2002
what is the hitler track? i don't like everything he did of course but i liked his early stuff.

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