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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Theme - Romantic

sell my old mixes, i'm off to heaven

Artist Song Buy
dashboard confessional  jamie ( =w= cover )  buy on itunes
unwritten law  seein red  buy on itunes
the anniversary   tu whitt tu whoo  buy on itunes
saves the day  a drag in "d" flat  buy on itunes
ben kweller  wasted and ready  buy on itunes
something corporate  punk rock princess  buy on itunes
the reunion show  alligator love trap (demo)  buy on itunes
hot rod circuit  cool for one nite  buy on itunes
=W=  dope nose (demo)  buy on itunes
new found glory  come back bon jovi  buy on itunes
the get up kids  forgive and forget  buy on itunes
piebald  the stalker  buy on itunes
the starting line  leaving  buy on itunes
taking back sunday  great romances of the 20th century  buy on itunes
jimmy eat world  no sensitivity (unreleased)  buy on itunes
saves the day  firefly  buy on itunes
the movielife  if only duct tape could fix everything  buy on itunes
brand new  jude law and a semester abroad   buy on itunes
taking back sunday  cute without the "e" (cut from the team)  buy on itunes
finch  grey matter (f/ daryl of glassjaw)  buy on itunes
thursday  cross out the eyes  buy on itunes
glassjaw  tip your bartender  buy on itunes


you don't care so stop reading...

ok, made this for me and one of my friends since he listens to crap. i tried putting mostly bands he's never heard of or has heard of but don't know what they're about(with the exception of unwritten law who have been all over mtv and ofcourse weezer). i tried limiting the mix to all recent stuff but sold out by putting older TGUK and some songs that are a year old or so. oh well. stop reading. ian toth is hot
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Date: 4/5/2002
i really really really psychotically want a copy of this
Tom Tokoloshe
Date: 4/10/2002
dude, killer mix, love the fade out at the end towards hardcore and Glassjaw, Thursday et al....excellent

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