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Side A
Artist Song Buy
Sekaa Gamelan Selonding Sudamala  sekati  buy on itunes
23 Skidoo  g-3 insemination  buy on itunes
Tuu  exile  buy on itunes
Sheila Chandra  roots and wings  buy on itunes
Dead Can Dance  the spider's stratagem  buy on itunes
Tan Dun  farewell  buy on itunes
Choying Drolma  kangyi tengi  buy on itunes
Robert Rich  sanctuary  buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
Side B
Yes  angkor wat  buy on itunes
Pharoah Sanders  morning prayer  buy on itunes
Kenneth Newby  glossolalia  buy on itunes
Talvin Singh  soni  buy on itunes
Nitin Sawhney  oceans and rain  buy on itunes
Astralasia  tantric afterglow  buy on itunes
SPK  kambuja  buy on itunes
Ryuichi Sakamoto  nuages  buy on itunes
The Venerable Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche  shedur-ghost exorcism ritual (extract)  buy on itunes


eastern music has long inspired many in the west, including myself. hopefully some of you will find it equally as inspiring.


Scott K
Date: 4/8/2002
Intriguing. The only song I've heard here is the Yes tune, and it's been so long since I've heard it I'll have to give it a spin when I get home. If you haven't already, check out John Coltrane's "India" -- intense stuff.
Junior D 1
Date: 4/8/2002
"morning prayer" is one of my all time favorites. very nice mix.
Urodub Sound System
Date: 4/8/2002
I'm a Coltrane disciple, and yes India is amazing...equally as good is Alice Coltrane's Journey to Satchidananda. As for Pharoah, an unheralded genius...thank you both.....
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 4/18/2002
whoops...must have missed this when you posted it... g-r-e-a-t mix ! I've mixed several of these myself...looks very nice.
Urodub Sound System
Date: 5/25/2002
Thanks...I will soon be doing Indo-Asia II-The Beats...

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