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No Query Too Obscure

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Geggy Tah  Whoever You Are  buy on itunes
The Maxwell Implosion  Grasshopper  buy on itunes
The Faces  You Can Make Me Dance  buy on itunes
Mr. Scruff  Get a Move On  buy on itunes
Syd Dale  The Wag  buy on itunes
Jimmy's Chicken Shack   Do Right  buy on itunes
The Talking Heads  Uh-Oh, Love Comes to Town  buy on itunes
The Who  Sparks  buy on itunes
Blind Melon  Three is a Magic Number  buy on itunes
Anthony B  Good Life  buy on itunes
Buckwheat Zydeco  Beast of Burden  buy on itunes
Side B
The Jackson 5  I Want You Back  buy on itunes
George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic  We Want the Funk  buy on itunes
Kompressor w/ MC Frontalot  Rappers We Crush  buy on itunes
Neotropic  Ultra Freaky Orange  buy on itunes
The HollyHotchers  Happy Elf in an Iron Lung  buy on itunes
Three Dog Night  Mama Told Me Not to Come  buy on itunes
New Grass Revival  Steam Powered Aeroplane  buy on itunes
The London Funk Allstars  The Chase  buy on itunes
Flaming Groovies  Teenage Head  buy on itunes
311  Summer of Love  buy on itunes
The Moldy Peaches  Who's Got the Crack?  buy on itunes


Well, summer time is almost here, and I'm sort of dreading it. Basically because I am a lazy college student and the summer actually means more work and less fun. The one solace I have is that I will be able to drive around in a car once again, and therefore have access to a tape player. SO this mix is on a cassette unlike all of my other mixes. The picture here features the actual cover of the mix, which was taped and glued together about 6 months ago and has also been itching for a cassette to go with it. Final note: you can find The HollyHotchers track at Mp3.com.
image for mix


Date: 4/26/2002
That's some great artwork!
Date: 4/26/2002
nice opening track!
Date: 4/26/2002
nice! big ups to the HH!
Date: 4/26/2002

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