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Artist Song
supergrass  movin' 
smashing pumpkins  drown 
shalabi effect  mr. titz (the revelator) 
tortoise  six pack 
radiohead  talk show host 
odds  nothing beautiful 
pete yorn  black 
the strokes  last nite 
sloan  the good in everyone 
weakerthans  aside 
weexer  hash pipe 
nickelback  how you remind me 
deftones  digital bath 
staind  fade 
foo fighters  everlong 
nickelback  too bad 
big wreck  ladylike 
pearl jam  do the evolution 
watchmen  stereo 
wide mouth mason  companion (lay me down) 
oasis  d'y know what i mean? 
blur  coffee + tv 
incubus  mexico 
U2  stay (faraway, so close!) 
radiohead  like spinning plates (live) 
coldplay  we never change 
incubus  11 am 
buck 65  pants on fire 
kurt elling  goin' to chicago 
kylie minogue  out of my head