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Tale Of A 280 Pound Shoe Salesman

Side A
Artist Song
Link Wray and the Raymen  Streets Of Chicago 
Cre-Shells  Dracula 
Jerry Warren and the Tremblers  Tremble 
Scarlets  Stampede 
Dynamics  Later On 
Mysterions  Downhill 
Hollywoods  Scramble 
Scavengers  Curfue 
Ron Thompson and his Rowdy Guitar  Switchblade 
Tempests  Lemon Lime 
Statesmen  Rampage 
Citations  Headache 
Blue Notes  Rigor Mortis 
Monterays  Blast Off 
Wailers  Wailin' 
Wade Curtiss and the Rhythm Rockers  Real Cool 
Knights  Tale Of A 280 Pound Shoe Salesman 
Sherwoods  Tickler 
Futuras  Mile Zero 
Centuries  4th Dimension 
Side B
Swanks  Ghost Train 
Phantom Five  Graveyard 
Panics  Sham 
Jerry Warren and the Tremblers  Rompin' 
Emanons  Stomper 
Busters  Bust Out 
Riptides  Machine Gun 
Jack and the Rippers  Heart Attack 
Holidays  Concussion 
Rodney and the Blazers  Warpaint 
Rockin' R's  Nameless 
Tempomen  The Chopper 
Thunder Rocks  Johnny Sax 
Tune Rockers  Green Mosquito 
Downbeats  Wild Side 
Majestics  Safari 
Teddy and the Rough Riders  Thunder Head 
Rockin' Ramrods  Indian Giver 
Glenrays  Easy Rhythm 
Aldon and the E.C.'s  Endsville 



Date: 8/2/2002
JEEEZ! there's some great stuff here . How come I haven't seen any mixes lately?